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The Official Atari Age Secret Santa 2019 thread


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I received my package this Saturday.  I can't even imagine what's inside, but the shipping box is 32" x 20" x 17" and 32 lbs!  Honestly its almost as big as the mini refrigerator I keep in the basement near my workbench.  I'm usually pretty good as guessing presents before I open them, but I can honestly say I don't have a clue.  I'll find out in 9 days though.  

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1 hour ago, carlsson said:

Well, I can assume that was not an overseas (international) Secret Santa. A package of those dimensions would be MURDER to ship across the pond.

Hmmm...  Could be a 1st generation VCR. Sounds about the right size and weight for a top-loader, if you add a few tapes to the total.

If so...

Hey!... Welcome to the World of VHS!



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7 hours ago, doubledown said:

I received my package this Saturday.  I can't even imagine what's inside, but the shipping box is 32" x 20" x 17" and 32 lbs!  Honestly its almost as big as the mini refrigerator I keep in the basement near my workbench.  I'm usually pretty good as guessing presents before I open them, but I can honestly say I don't have a clue.  I'll find out in 9 days though.  

THATS where I put the body...

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I'm not sure if 32 lbs is enough for a first gen VCR...it would be close though!  If it is a VCR, I hope it includes the original "wired remote" with 20' cord.


An Elf body perhaps, or maybe an Oompa Loompa, I'll have to re-watch Young Frankenstein to pick up some tips for the re-animation process.  

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On 12/15/2019 at 10:40 AM, ClassicGMR said:

Compromise with the wife (and my inner demon as well) - there's 8 presents on that couch so starting the 18th I will open one package a day. By the 25th I will open the last one. :)


I kind of like the idea. Gives me some joy every day and I get to spread it around to you all too. :)

That seems reasonable! I will follow!


Uh oh, whoops!




The button was pressed and I opened all of it!


So, it was pretty obvious immediately who my secret santa was, since it was signed.


Big thanks to Grig for being WAY too generous on this one! It's honestly more than I'll probably get from my actual family. ?


Let me take you through the journey!




So, this card deserves its own post, honestly! I cracked up at all the pasted on faces and was really what sent this whole package over the top!




So, my immediate guess was some sort of Bob Ross related item, but little did I know that "happy accidents" had more than one meaning...




?, uh, thanks! :)


Then for the rest of it...




Holy smokes! WAY too much! WAY too generous! Managed to hit on my range of Atari to Switch and PS4 for my collecting (none of the games here I actually own, so new to me and the Pokemon was a huge surprise!), got some delicious chips (my general weakness and most of it is gone already), Take 5 candy, the trivia game will sit in my game room and be a fun "bonus" for guests to read while we're in there, and I will definitely be wearing the Blues Brothers shirt!


Thanks again, Grig! Way too generous! :)

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My package arrived today! I was going to save it- it's been a fairly easy December in retail land. Buuuuuut- my niece was visiting.



YOU tell the 5 year old you're not opening mail from Santa!? Anyway, here's what I got:



Always down for more Reese's Pieces! I actually already have Lost Odyssey... so the next step is to check over each disc/manual & decide which ones are in the best condition to keep ? I'm amused at getting the Avengers. I used to have a copy, but I actually sent it as an Atari Age Secret Santa gift a couple years ago (since my giftee wanted the O-ring &my copy had it.) Pleased to have a replacement copy! I'm most pleased, though, with that copy of Concrete Genie! Of everything on my wish list this year, that's the one game I wanted the most! My niece was into it too:

large.425096209_Sevrin2.jpg.a67a8dfcf15a large.1266589931_Sevrin3.jpg.f3ad640ccc2


She decided, based on the cover, that the game was about ghosts & insisted we play the Ghost Game. Like, IMMEDIATELY. Sadly, my PS4 wanted to update, so she had to head home before we really got into it. I told her we can play next week on Christmas. 


In conclusion, to quote my niece: THANK YOU SANTA!

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Once I'm home from work tomorrow, I'll be scrambling to get packed for the Christmas trip to the parents' place.  Saturday, I'll actually be on that trip.  That meant tonight was the last night my roommate, his sister, her family and I could all get together for gift giving before going our separate holiday ways.  This is what the tree (her tree) looked like before we all tore into our presents.


Back home I also realized, I also had the perfect excuse for tearing into...




...my gift from Secret Santa!  So tear into it I did!




There was much curiosity as the box was opened...




..and much excitement as gifts were revealed!  Or maybe it was just demands for food.  It's hard to tell the difference.  Anyway...




Delicious treats and intriguing treats!  Just what could be hiding under the wrapping?  I had a clue...




Whatever they were, they were going to be unique!  That made them a special surprise even before being opened!




LEGO kits!  And not just any LEGO kits, but LEGO kits made just for me!  Awesome!  Fortunately for me, they also come with instructions on the USB stick!


Sadly, this story won't get an ending until after the Christmas trip, when I finally get time to put these together.  But I guarantee I'll have fun with them, and there will definitely be room on the toy shelf for these.  Thank you, "Secret" Santa!  Merry Christmas!

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I went ahead and opened my package today. Couldn't help myself. :)


When I first opened the box, I was greeted by a note, some wrapped packages, and boxes of vanilla wafers.




Hmm ... scratch that part about vanilla wafers. You just can't trust elves to keep their hands off the snacks.




After unboxing, I had a stack of presents ready to be unwrapped!




I started with the smallest package to find a game for my favorite handheld, the PSP!




Next, I unwrapped a new copy of Battle Slots! I've never heard of this game, but I plan to give it a go soon!




The next package had a sealed copy of Star Wars: Battlefront for the Xbox! I've actually never played a Battlefront game, so it's cool that I can now start with the first game!




As happy as I was with everything I had received so far, I really dug the next gift—a Tetris lamp!




Finally, I unwrapped the largest present—a plug-and-play Double Dragon game! I actually beat this game on the NES when I was a kid. Perhaps it's time to see if I can fight my way to the end again.




Thanks so much, Secret Santa! You were incredibly generous, and I love everything I got!

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