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Canceled due to lack of interest - IntelliPaddle controller Auction – Intellivision Paddle Controller


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Canceled due to lack of interest.

Intellipaddle controller – Intellivision Paddle Controller

Welcome to the auction.


You will be bidding on the prototype Intellivision handheld paddle controller.  This is the only

one in existing.  No other prototypes of this controller will be produced.  This it prototype #1.


This controller has been tested on an Intellivision II.  Should also work on a sears Tele-Games or

any other system with DB-9 connections.


It’s designed for games that are either horizontally or vertically oriented.  I created this

controller specifically for the Intellivision version of Kaboom (Mad Bomber) but works for other

games.  This controller requires one 9-volt battery to function.  There are dip switches on the

back to change the orientation, and also can reverse the direction; left becomes right, or up

becomes down.  This controller does not alter the game and can’t make an object on the screen

move any faster than it would with a normal controller.  This is controlled by the software itself.


This controller was shown at PRGE the weekend of 10/18/2019.  Those who tried it were very

excited by it.  The FAQ listed below has some links to videos showing it being used.


The controller has been verified to be working at the time of this auction.  


Please take time to read this FAQ before bidding: 



This is a prototype; it could break, it could break your machine, etc.  I don’t expect that it will,

but I take no responsibility for damage to you, your machine, etc, etc…


NEVER turn the paddle on or off with the system turned on.  This is a good practice with any



There may be additional paddle controllers produced, but they will start with #001.  They may

also have a few modifications.  They will not have prototype printed on them, etc.


The winner of the auction will win the IntelliPaddle controller and 1 y-adapter.  See pictures

below.  Additionally, the pictures are not showing the true color.  They are actually little darker.


Shipping and insurance will be additional.  International buyers welcome, though you will

need to work with me figuring out how to ship.  I Haven’t done much international shipping.


Bidding starts at $200.  I will try to update the OP with the current high bid once a day.  Bidding

will continue till November 3rd, 2019 between 3 – 5 PM California time.


I reserve the right to update this text if I realize that I have made a mistake.


Thank you and happy bidding.




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Canceled due to lack of interest.
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