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Hangman disassembly


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Hi there,


Though this may not be a popular title, I was interested in how they stored the word library and then just finished labeling the entire thing.


I was surprised to learn this was done by Alan Miller. The code is similar to his style but I was surprised to find so many optimization opportunities. It's as if the game was started by another engineer and he finished it or may be vise versa. Then again, maybe since it fits nicely within 4K there was no need to return and take the time to optimize.


The game uses all of the available 128 bytes of RAM so there are no JSR/RTS used.


The library is changed slightly in NTSC and PAL versions as well. For the Third Grade vocabulary COLOR for NTSC is COLOUR for PAL for obvious reasons. For the Sixth Grade vocabulary GLAMOR for NTSC is replaced with GLASS for PAL. For the Ninth Grade vocabulary OMELET for NTSC is replaced with OBLIGE for PAL. For the High School vocabulary JALOPY for NTSC is replaced with JUMBLE.


If you are interested in hacking this game you can change values directly in this source and assemble your binary or you can use the Atari 2600 Hangman Editor to easily change graphics or the entire word library.



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Hi Matt,


On 11/2/2019 at 10:53 AM, Tempest said:

btw any idea as to why a sound effect is played when choosing game 9?  Is this a bug or is it purposeful?

Sorry for the late response.


Yes, I have confirmed this is a bug. I traced it a while ago. I don't remember exactly where it occurs. I would have to trace it again to know exactly.

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