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Atari Flashback Wired Joystick Problem

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I have a Joystick controller that came from an Atari Flashback console (Flashback 2 I believe) that has worked fine until recently.  All of a sudden the right direction stopped working.  I took it apart and re-soldered the wire for the right direction, but nothing changed.  At first it went up when I pressed it to the right, but that was only due to a sloppy soldering job (the solder was connecting the right and up directions).  After fixing this, the problem was not fixed.  Would it be a problem with the controller's connection to the console?  If anyone has any advice I appreciate it.

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There are a lot of potential issues.


Try it in the second port first.  If it works then the problem is the port on the console.  If it doesn’t, then it’s a problem with the joystick.  It may be a bad connection in the jack, so try wiggling it a bit to see if that changes the result.


You can get decent Chinese clones of the originals.  Look on AilExpress for the best prices.

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