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Atari 2600 Arduino cartridge dumper


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All of the prototypes being found lately got me thinking, there should be an easy and cheap way for the owners to dump the ROMs.  I have tried to ship a dumping setup to proto owners in the past (with some success), but the setup was too complicated.  It required an Atari, TV, and other parts.  It was too clunky to ship around.


This project is a dumper based on the Arduino Uno, an easy to use microcontroller development board that can be bought for as little as $5.  The attached .zip file includes some instructions, and a program that will allow you to dump Atari 2600 cartridges to a PC with a USB port.  A small circuit (called a 'shield') is connected to the Arduino board, and the 2600 cartridge plugs into that.  A cartridge can be dumped in less than a minute without modifying anything or using specialized equipment. 


I have currently tested it with 2K, 4K, and 8K F8 cartridges.  The code can be easily modified to support other bankswitching schemes, but I do not have cartridges handy to test others at the moment.  Source code for the Arduino program is included in case someone wants to experiment with this.  One design change I would like to do if I made more boards is to connect the cartridge A12 line to Arduino pin 13, so that bankswitching schemes that use hotspots outside of the cartridge address space can be supported.




Atari 2600 Arduino Cartridge Interface.zip


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