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2019 HSC Rd.6 Veteran's Day


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Main game: Commando

Difficulty: Advanced

Diff. Switches: B/B


Final scores:

41,700 OyamaFamily

23,500 S.Baz

18,100 Dr Moocowz

17,000 Toiletunes

 9,400 jnlenkle


Bonus Game: Choplifter

Diff. Switches: B/B


Final Scores:

63 Dr Moocowz

58 Toiletunes

19 OyamaFamily

16 jblenkle


Round 6 ends November 21


Points as of round 5:

63 Oyamafamily

50 toiletunes

43 Dr Moocowz

35 BydoEmpire

25 AtariFever

24 jblenkle

17 LidLikesIntellivision

 8 TheActivisionary

 7 Troff

 4 RoadRunner


Next round will be a Thanksgiving feast- featuring some food, maybe a little football, and lots of turkeys...

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Commando (Advanced): 18100 (advanced mode is nasty!)

Choplifter: 63 (damn you, tank! Probably will let it go unless someone else gets 64 :) )


Commando, you have to be VERY fast to take a screenshot or a photo. If you miss it (like I did several times), just let the game sit there and it will eventually start a demo mode where you can see your score in the "HIGH" section in the middle.


Choplifter was also tricky on a photo since your score flashes a lot while it's doing the game over tune. If you wait too long, it'll go back to the title screen and there's no way (that I know of) to see your score again.



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