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bin to rom converter?


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I thought the cc3 editor software does the conversion for you.


If using bin2rom, I think it defaults to intellicart rom format.  Intellicart rom is slightly different than cc3 rom.  Try using a --cc3 switch if using bin2rom.


And as Carlsson advised, you might need a corresponding cfg file.

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If the BIN file runs in jzIntv, then it should also likely convert to ROM correctly, whether or not you have a CFG for it.  jzIntv runs both formats, so you can test the file after conversion as well.  The bin2rom utility tries to apply the same policy that jzIntv itself uses for determining the memory map.


As for "CC3 format":  IIRC, that only applies to ROM files you download via serial.  The ROMs that go on the SD card remain in Intellicart format.  It's really an obnoxious situation.  The two formats differ by exactly one byte:  The first byte is either 0xA8 or 0x41, and is there to get the serial port to auto-detect the baud rate.


For the original 125 games, I posted a spreadsheet at one point with memory maps for all the games.



The map numbers (0, 1, 2, etc) correspond to the files 0.cfg, 1.cfg, 2.cfg, etc. that came with the CC3 GUI.  Just in case, I've put a copy here:





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