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who's picking up Pokemon Sword/Shield this Friday?


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kind of the same thread as with DQ11.  :)


Despite all the complaining on the Net, who's picking up Pokemon Sword/Shield today?  i preordered the dual-set for my wife and I since we've always bought the pairs to play at the same time- i'm on driving restriction from a medical procedure, but I got a friend to take the day off and drive me into town to pick up this morning.


i have been informed that i will not pick the same starter as her (Scorbunny) today- edit to add that I picked Grookey.  lol


(editing the post since i've sunk about 7 hours into it now)


the game works off the cut-and-dry 'catch pokemon, level pokemon, go to the gym, beat the crap out of the gym, move on' formula- i don't mind that it doesn't break a lot of new ground, to be honest.  I think the dynamaxing/gigantamaxing stuff is a little silly, but eh, it's part of the game i suppose.  another thing i like in this iteration is that it takes the Dragon Quest approach to grinding exp.  the monsters are in the grass still, but you see them and can avoid them if you don't want to jack with getting an encounter every damn step.


for the Switch version you can set up 'camps' to play with your Pokemon and cook for em and stuff- but so far i'm using the cooking as a 'I'm too far away from a Pokecenter and don't want to use consumables' type thing.  They gain experience, too, if your food doesn't suck.  ;)  the cooking part is pretty similar to BotW I thought.

i did find it a little weird that they make you find an NPC to give you the ability to turn down the music/sound volumes in the option screen.  i suppose that it makes you talk to people, but it seems a goofy way to go about it.  my other niggle is that i'd kind of like the ability to zoom out on my map because it's HUGE on my tv.

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I picked Shield up on Friday, and I haven't looked back. The similarities to all the other Pokemon games was expected, and I do enjoy playing it on the big screen then taking it with me wherever I go. I haven't "Dynamaxed" yet, but am focusing on catching different Pokemon and trying my hand at rounding out my current team (Yes, I have Pikachu in there...and Scorbunny...I couldn't pass up Pika). I did play Pokemon Sun on my 3DS when I had one, so the graphics and whatnot seem similar (seems faster paced, though). 


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no problem! there's not a whole lot on the Net that I saw for workable teams.  For me I lean towards either what I'm doing in the story next or trying to finish out a well-rounded team that covers their weaknesses as best they can.  


My team is all fully evolved since I've finished the 'story' (such as it were)- I also tend to rotate out TMs since you can forget multiple moves and relearn stuff with no penalty in Sword/Shield.


My current team in no particular order:


Ribombee (bug/fairy)

Charizard (fire/flying)

Seismitoad (water/ground)

Obstagoon (normal)

Dragapult (dragon/ghost)

Rillaboom (grass)


As I progressed I used these at one point or another as well.  









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I SAID I wasn't getting another pokemon after that pikachu/eve atrocity, but I like pokemon, so I got the double pack, and while it's missing some of the little niceties that made sun/moon so refined feeling, it's still a great game.


the dynamaxing (sp?) Seems to have little effect on the game, it does look cool, but it doesn't seem to actually make you or the opponent more powerful. Like the puzzles before the  gym fights, and love the fully 3d "wild area" part of the game.


Anyhow, great game imo, hopefully they keep moving forward and continuing to refine it.


I'm almost through one of the games. I'll start the other soon, see how the trade system works on a not exactly handheld system.

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i did a lot of dinking around in the game but finished it at around 55 hours, i think.  my wife and i have traded a few back and forth, the process seems fairly painless.  it's neat, too, for us to trade our trainer cards back and forth, hehe.


dynamaxing seems a little gimmicky but it's a fun addition to the game- the whole 'stadium' aspect to the gym leaders i think is super cool.

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