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CQ BBS Nox Archaist Contest!

Byte Knight

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6502workshop.com is joining forces with Captain's Quarters BBS for a new contest where the winners will star in Nox Archaist!  Captain's Quarters is one of the few remaining Apple II BBS's and runs on a real Apple IIgs.  The top four finishers of the BBS's Masters of Trivia game will get to name a NPC (non-player character) in the Captain's Quarters pub, which will be located in a pirate town of the upcoming RPG!  The NPC's will be pub patrons, so who wants to be a virtual barfly?!


Trivia categories include Nox Archaist, Computers, Star Trek, Star Wars, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Big Bang Theory, 80's Pop Culture, and many more.  The game will begin with the next round of trivia soon so sign on now and join the realm!




With your Apple II equipped with wifi modem, atdt to cqbbs.ddns.net:6502


Don't have a wifi modem?  Get one here:


Anti wifi modem?  Here are other ways to connect:




telnet://cqbbs.ddns.net 6502


MicroM8 Applle II emulator 
-launch Proterm and ATDT69


Zoc7 Terminal Emulator Program 


SyncTerm BBS Terminal Program

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  • 4 months later...
1 hour ago, doctor_x said:

is that GBBS?

Nope, I run the soul-remaining Warp Six BBS!  The main reason that I went with Warp Six over GBBS is that all of the modules are still written in good ol' BASIC.

1 hour ago, doctor_x said:

just visited and realized i already had an account.. nice bbs!

Thanks - I try to add new Apple II or vintage Mac-related content every day.

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4 hours ago, GameGeezer said:

I'm seeing Sorry, somebody is actually on the BBS right now!  Please call back shortly... today, regularly.


How many ports are available on the system?

It's an old-school BBS so just one port, which usually isn't much of a problem when you only get 5-10 calls per day.  It must be hoppin' today! ?

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