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2019 HSC Rd. 7-8 Thanksgiving


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Main game: Food Fight

Settings: Intermediate


Final scores:

1,147,400 Dr. Moocowz

559,800 oyamafamily

250,000 Toiletunes

208,500 BydoEmpire

186,100 roadrunner

75,300 S.BAZ

17,200 jblenkle


Bonus games: Turkey extravaganza! The games most of us love to hate (based on videogamecritic's reader scores)


Fight Night, settings: Main Event


Karateka, settings: Difficulty switches set to 'B'

Mat Mania Challenge, settings: Medium

Super Huey, settings: Arcade Mode

Touchdown Football, settings: five minute quarter, no delay penalty.


Bonus games final scores:

Fight Night-

Toiletunes, made it to 4th opponent

oyamafamily, 3rd opponent

roadrunned, beat the first opponent



5,120 Toiletunes

1,870 Dr. Moocowz

935 oyamafamily

690 roadrunner



Dr. Moocowz


Mat Mania-

100,150 Dr. Moocowz

28,700 oyamafamily


Super Huey-

204 Toiletunes

55 BydoEmpire



Toiletunes, 7-0

Dr. Moocowz, 6-6


You may play up to four bonus games. There's never enough room to try everything at Thanksgiving. Choose wisely.

Since there's so many games, this is an extended round.

Round ends December 9.


Points as of round 6:

76 Oyamafamily

61 toiletunes

56 Dr Moocowz

35 BydoEmpire

32 jblenkle

25 AtariFever

17 LidLikesIntellivision

 9 S.BAZ

 8 TheActivisionary

 7 Troff

 4 RoadRunner

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Super Huey: I never played before. It's like a boring Robot Tank in the air, stuck on snow controls. To relieve the monotony, you can switch from using missiles to guns. It's playable. I'll be adding it to the personal collection soon. First attempt final score: 204 kills.



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Bonus game - Super Huey Arcade - 55 kills (first time ever playing).  I haven't played any kind of flight sim in so long, I might carve out some time to dig into the actual sim mode. I used to really enjoy flight sims on my c64 and Amiga, but drifted away from the genre after that.  Thanks 7800 HSC!



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Ate my side dishes before going for the main meal!


Jinks: 1875 (sort of gave up after getting bored, then found some teeth that makes you lose a life!)

Karateka: I defeated the 4th guy before getting whipped by the 5th guy (there's no score that I could find, so that's what I'm reporting!)

Mat Mania Challenge: 100150. I quit after 5 matches. Pinned him in the first, ran out of time the next 2, then pinned him in the last 2 before I called it quits

Touchdown Football: 6-6 tie. I managed to get a punt return for a touchdown in the first quarter. Had no idea how to kick the extra point. Most of my offense consisted of throwing interceptions. 2nd half, I couldn't stop the computer from completing passes. They managed to miss 3 field goals and the extra point after their 4th quarter touchdown. I miss Tecmo Super Bowl. :(





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