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Flash 2600 conversion for Phoenix testing


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I didn't have anything to do with the conversions, I just collected them together for group testing. Report any that have significant issues from this set and post a better one if you have it. That way, we can clean the set up into good and iffy and remove the non-working.


I can't really say these were optimized for the Phoenix, but they were optimized for un-enhanced flash storage like the 2600 Cuttle Cart, Krocodile Kart and flashback portable, so many should work better than the originals. Some, even though they work, may be finicky or have glitches, but should be playable.


Ones in the set 2 question folder are most uncertain. The ones in the flashback paddle folder may have been done quickly and the paddle only moves the ship to 3 or 4 horizontal positions instead of smooth. Some may have true joystick conversions. Others in that folder were hacked to work on the flashback portable with alternatives to keypad (like Star Raiders). Instructions should be on the forum somewhere.  


You may need to use the SuperCart option in the Pheonix 2600 menu for ones over 8KB and some, it seems, if they fail to load, will run after being power-cycled. 



2600 for Phoenix.zip

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The version in the pack has a single flip from left to right vs. the paddle version. Also has dark black vertical line and black comb-like marks along the left side. Not noticeable in higher black-sky levels.


This version has like 6-7 positions going from left to right more like a joystick version, but turns slower because of multiple positions. Line and comb are lighter and flicker. Again, not noticeable in higher black-sky levels.


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