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Champ Games - Gorf Arcade (2600)


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On 9/20/2020 at 1:04 AM, adamchevy said:

How are things coming along with Gorf? 


14 minutes ago, adamchevy said:

Guess nothing, that’s ok I know your very busy with other excellent projects. I just love me some Gorf! Almost as much as I like Boing! See what I did their!

TLDR:  read succinct response above. :D 


Hi there! 


Darn - I meant to reply to this last week but I totally spaced!  ?


Unfortunately there hasn't been any progress on Gorf Arcade since February.  We have added in all the speech phrases (thanks @Nathan Strum!) and the game is somewhat playable, but we probably won't have a demo available until the end of the year when we hope to debut it on @ZeroPage Homebrew's Twitch stream. :D 


The good news is that we have finished Avalanche and Zoo Keeper (both expected to be released in the Atari Age store in October) and we have made great improvements to Robotron (now named RobotWar:2600) and are have almost completed development.  We're in that annoying phase where we are looking for more ROM to add in bells and whistles.  We originally had to remove the scoring animation story sequence to fit in all of the new options like co-op, two players, additional sound fx and animations, etc. but I am happy to report I was able to squeeze it all back in. :thumbsup:  Right now I'm focusing on fixing intermittent screen rolls on wave 30 and 40 advanced (when there are 100+ enemies on the screen).  We plan on releasing Robo-X in early 2021 (David Exton aka @liveinabin is making great progress with the artwork!).


Well, I guess this ended up being an update for Gorf Arcade and Robotron. ;) 







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Now that's just utterly bad ass!

 I second this badassery! Just so many things to look forward to! Thanks so much for the updates! It’s a blessed time to be a 2600 fan! Your spoiling us with all of these CO-OP additions! Sorry I guess all of my sentences when discussing your games must end with!!

You could always get around any copyright stuff and call it Gorf![emoji16] Or Galactic Orbiting Robot Force would be fine.


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Developer Spotlight on

John Champeau / ChampGames


ZeroPage Homebrew will welcome John Champeau (@johnnywc) from ChampGames to the stream, LIVE via video, THIS FRIDAY December 18, 2020 (6PM PT | 9PM ET | 2AM GMT) for his ZPH Developer Spotlight!


We will be discussing John's extensive history of programming videogames, not only for the Atari 2600 but we'll also touch on his early DOS and even Atari 800 programming! His prolific work includes some of the most pixel pushing ports from classic arcade games such as Galagon, Mappy, Wizard of Wor Arcade, Scramble, Super Cobra Aracade, Zoo Keeper and Robotwar: 2600! PLUS we will also have the:



of his newest Atari 2600 homebrew

Gorf Arcade!




All this and much, much more! If you have any questions you'd like us to ask John Champeau during the livestream please post them in the ZeroPage Homebrew Club thread!


- James





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22 hours ago, sramirez2008 said:

Friday can’t come soon enough! Can’t wait to see Gorf Arcade! @johnnywc since you tackled Galaga, any thoughts on Galaxian?

Hi Steve!


Hmmm, I probably won't be tackling Galaxian any time soon (I think Atari did a great job on that one), but you'll be able to play a smaller version of it in stage 3 of Gorf Arcade! ;) 

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32 minutes ago, johnnywc said:

Hmmm, I probably won't be tackling Galaxian any time soon (I think Atari did a great job on that one), but you'll be able to play a smaller version of it in stage 3 of Gorf Arcade! ;) 

This is good enough for me. Having all of the stages will be so cool.

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Hello all,


To celebrate the New Year, here is the first publicly available ROM for Gorf Arcade! :D 


(note: be sure to plug in an AtariVox for voice support! :music: :) )


The demo is full featured with the following restrictions:


- the game will wrap around to MISSION 6 after MISSION 10 is completed (after the 2nd flagship is destroyed)

- Savekey support for high scores is not supported.


I estimate the game to be about 85% done, with an expected release of October 2021 2022. 


To-do list:

- add in the ability to enter in your initials for high scores.  For now, the default 'PL1' is used.  

- finish sounds.  Some are placeholders from WoW and some were made hastily by myself. ?  

- 2 player support (alternating)


Special thanks to Nathan Strum for the graphics, AtariVox voices, design and testing.  Also, thanks to Ross Keenum for the initial batch of sound effects, and Steve Ramirez for testing, and James @ ZeroPage Homebrew for hosting the Gorf Arcade reveal a couple weeks ago on his Twitch stream. 


I will add in more details tomorrow. ;) 


Any suggestions are welcome or bug reports are appreciated!


Thanks and Happy New Year!




NTSC demo ROM:



PAL60 demo ROM:





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Only played it for a few mins and will invest more time tomorrow. I have to say it looks amazing and is a testament to the hard working folks at Champ Games. I know I say this often but I wish we had these programing tricks 40 years ago. Combined with amazing programers Atari might still be a dominant force today. Even though I'm 45 there were a lot of arcade games like Gorf that I've never played outside of MAME. The quality of these conversations just amazes me for hardware this old. Thanks for you hard work and passion for this old girl.

Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk

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