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Should I Get a NEO GEO-CD?

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Long story short, I found someone who's selling a Neo Geo CD on Facebook Marketplace. The guy's selling it for pretty cheap and according to him it works perfectly. It comes with two controllers and two games (I didn't bother to ask if they are the real thing or backups, though it can always ask). So the thing is: is it worth getting an uncommon console like that taking into account that most games are extremely expensive, the console weighs a ton and the loading times are abyssmal? Oh, and I'm pretty sure my girlfriend will kill me if she sees that massive hunk of plastic around. I've never seen a Neo Geo CD where I live, I'm pretty sure I won't see another one ever again. I know they can be quite expensive and the guy's selling it for not a lot of money so that's definitely not the problem. Maybe it's worth getting if the games are genuine? Maybe I can get it and if I don't use it I can trade it for some thing cool? Anyway, I'm just interested in hearing some opinions from people who might be familiar with the system, since I don't know anything about it and people like Metal Jesus or the guys at My Life in Gaming haven't made a video on it. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say about the Neo Geo CD.


PS: I wanted to include some pictures, but Facebook didn't let me see them, so sorry about that.


Thanks in advance!

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The Neo Geo CD is an excellent way to tip toe into the NeoGeo world for cheap.

Sure, games are expensive, but CD games are easily 10 to 100 times cheaper than their AES counterparts (Metal Slug on NGCD : 10$ for the loose CD, 50 to 150$ for the complete CD, depends on the version VS Metal Slug AES for... 2000$)

The loading times are heavily exagerated IMO. Sure they are here and interrupt the flow of the arcade experience, but the majority of NGCD games have a big 1 minute loading at boot then between levels/stages, a 20/30 second loading. It's not fast, but if the trade-off to play Metal Slug for 50$ is 30 seconds of loading, well... Isn't that a decent deal?

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