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OdysseyNow Game Pack 2 copies available (Magnavox Odyssey)


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OdysseyNow Game Pack 2 is now available to pre-order!  It includes 3 games, an Odyssey system upgrade, and a set of major new peripherals: Left and Right English Splitters.


We've set up a simple Paypal webstore for this, here.  




We are only producing 15 copies ever of this set.  Paypal is keeping track of inventory.  It will only take your money if copies are still available!  I'll update this post once they are sold out.


Read about Game Pack 2 in this thread.  For more discussion on this, and early announcements, please consider joining our Facebook group devoted to Odyssey and early video games.


We are have produced everything included with this set except for the scoreboard listed below; we are waiting for those to be produced.  When we receive them, all orders will ship.  It could be in December, or at the latest, early January.  All proceeds from these sales go toward funding the OdysseyNow project, to research and develop more hardware and games for the system!


Here's the complete list of contents:


Left English Splitter set (Splitter Base + English Controller)

Right English Splitter set (Splitter Base + English Controller)

English Splitter Instructions

Wall Adjustment Upgrade kit

Danceoff overlay

Danceoff plastic dancer pieces (6 red and 6 blue) in velveteen bag

Dice X2 (black and red)

Danceoff Instructions

Team Volleyball Overlay

Team Volleyball Instructions

Soccer overlay (recreation)

Soccer Instructions (reproduction)

Soccer dual-wheel scoreboard (85% scale reproduction)



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