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Atari Flashback 9 firmware revision history

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Anyone know of a list of the Atari Flashback 9 firmware revision history?  There were a bunch of firmware releases this past year.  A few comments here and there point to a Space Invader crash fixed, delayed audio improved and likely some other changes.  I see there was a new firmware release a few weeks ago and then one just a few days ago -- V. 2.1.1 (released on Nov 28, 2019)

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Is it really new? The FB9 Gold (AR3650) firmware on the AFZ site for Nov 28, 2019 also reads v2.1.1, but my FB9 Gold console displays that I'm already at that firmware version, which I upgraded back on Feb 25, 2019. 


I just downloaded the Nov 28, 2019 firmware file (for FB9 Gold) and it is exactly the same file size as the previous Feb file - 63,365 kb.


I have the CFW menu hack so I'm not interested in installing it just yet.

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The "new" firmware just released a few days ago on November 28, 2019, is identical to the firmware they released a few weeks ago... and that firmware was identical to the firmware they released back in February.  They are all version 2.1.1.


I have done a file compare (FC) on all of them and they are all exactly identical.


Very confusing.

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