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Bob's Garden Play sample no commentary (Mr. Do! clone for AMIGA)

Here I quickly and poorly sample the game using AMIGA emulator FS-UAE for PC - Bob's Garden - An excellent clone of the arcade classic Mr. Do! for the Commodore AMIGA. I love Mr. Do! with my favorite version being on the Colecovision, however, back in my AMIGA days I was thrilled to find this little gem for any ESC/OCS Commodore AMIGA since it was PD/Freeware and turned out to be a very playable version as well. More details HERE:




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On 4/18/2022 at 2:39 AM, OldSchoolRetroGamer said:

Story Time: Unboxing a replacement for my favorite 80's game console.

I came close to guessing right. Got the time and generation right!


Usually our first systems generate the most nostalgia. If I was to ever get a console it would be the VCS. But I'm too far vested and used to emulation nowadays, so re-building another collection again isn't likely to happen. It would take time away from curation and preservation efforts.


I'm genuinely nostalgic for some of the first emulator days. Not necessarily for the crudeness of pre-beta software or anything. But for the times of seeing 80's arcade games come to life on my own screen - after believing they were gone forever. Every month in the mid-90's a couple of games would show up in whatever emu was popular. A magical time.


Overall I've kept most of the sentimental items from bitd, and a few select ebay purchases of things I wanted but couldn't afford as a kid. Just a few. None of this stuff is uber-rare or anything. Just bits and pieces that helped define the era of early home computing. Material I had when I was then!


Over the past 10'ish years or so I've become a firm believer in less is more. Also have observed more and more people turning away from mega-collections and lightening up on having to be a completist. Completionism seems to be harmful to collecting and a collection unless it's a small one.

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2 hours ago, Keatah said:


I'm genuinely nostalgic for some of the first emulator days. Not necessarily for the crudeness of pre-beta software or anything. But for the times of seeing 80's arcade games come to life on my own screen - after believing they were gone forever. Every month in the mid-90's a couple of games would show up in whatever emu was popular. A magical time.


I've been into emulation since first emulating C64 on my AMIGA. I reluctantly switched from AMIGA to PC when I no longer could justify AMIGA being my daily computing driver. With that, pretty sure my first Windows machine was very low end, all built (more like Frankensteined) from a variety of generic parts. Still, one of the first things I did since I had no retail PC games at the time was dive right into various classic PC titles that I admittedly sourced from questionable online sources 😏I didn't mind because again having put off getting into PC as long as I could I had missed a LOT, oh I never wanted for gaming entertainment what with all the AMIGA PD /DEMOS / SHAREWARE / WAREZ I enjoyed prior but unlike some friends and relatives I completely missed the era of DOS gaming which I was happy to do after witnessing a friend who was totally into it from the start I recalled his frustrations making sure his PC had the correct drivers, tinkering to get everything playing nicely with his particular video card, sound card, networking etc, and of course the dreaded IRQ conflicts all of which he seemed to go through anytime he upgraded any component whereas I would go home and simply insert an auto loading floppy and be playing adventure or arcade type games that all seemed to look and sound on par with what his PC displayed.

Sure, it took longer loading from floppies perhaps but it was simpler and seemed a lot less stressful. But of course all good things come to an end and as I said I did eventually move over to that PC running Windows 98, at least I never had to touch pure DOS gaming even if the Windows GUI still had much of it going on underneath coming off AMIGA I was a GUI point and click type of OS user so again, sourcing some compatible games I had never experienced during their original release my very next move was of course getting into emulation and with that I immediately used my Google-Fu to locate, download and install emulators for classic NES and Genesis along with full romset libraries to match. Yes, as you touched on early emulators had limitations and drawbacks but otherwise having the ability to play and pick from the entire NES / Genesis libraries including any of my favorites I enjoyed on OG hardware back in the day as well as pretty much any title I never experienced or may not even have been aware of in the case of imports or rare hard to find titles was nothing less than mid blowing for sure. Fortunately even before I had my own PC I often used or borrowed PC's or laptops whenever I could from friends and even an old landlord once so I kept up with the tech and changes in computing and I had previous experience already setting up emulators and roms for various friends who had no idea such things were even possible, whatever platform I may have been into I was still more knowledgeable about PC's in general then pretty much anyone I knew because I was constantly learning, researching and so I was "that guy" the computer nerd they would count on even if I could not afford to have much of it back then I always wanted to be ready if the time came I got my own PC hardware and sure enough it certainly paid off when I finally did.

These days while I have collected a fairly impressive collection of original consoles / computers / handhelds etc (about half of which was stolen as I touched on in the video you replied to) I still have some decent consoles left including thankfully my NES / Genesis / SuperNES / TG-16 etc, even when I do use the OG console hardware I have Everdrives /flashcarts to load the games on them which suits me fine with my collecting days over (no longer have the funds or ambition for the collecting hunt) I am also happy to play on emulators mostly for space and convenience sake with most of my real hardware safely packed away within my unit (I no longer keep anything I don't want stolen in our storage area, hard lesson learned) it saves me from locating, unpacking and hooking up any particular console just to play a few games here and there not to mention it's been great re-experiencing all my favorite Dreamcast / PS1 / PS2 / N64 and more using emulation because being able to change settings and options to improve textures, resolutions and other graphical features far beyond what the original consoles could do makes even games I finished in the past almost like a whole new experience. Emulation to some degree and even more these days has always been a big part of my gaming history and I don't see that changing. 

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My UGLY? but cool and special Super Nintendo

Just sorting through the old collection looking for my Super Nintendo and I was reminded that it always amused me how my Super Nintendo console stood out, fortunately not just for the poor attempt at painting the shell but it has a couple mods to it that can be useful.


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