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Gift code for Xbox One online store.


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Yes, game codes are sold at both online and brick and mortar retailers.


For an illustration, the GameStop store page for Forza Horizon 4 shows three options. New (Which is the physical edition), Pre-Owned, and Digital. Digital would result in you being sent a redemption code through your e-mail that is then redeemed at the Xbox store for the digital download version.


If you want something physical to give, brick and mortar retailers have actual paper cards that you buy with the code hidden at the rear. You scratch off the code like a lottery ticket to reveal it and then enter the code at the Xbox store to redeem it. They look like this image I just pulled off Google Images.




And if they lack a particular game card that you have in mind (They mostly only sell newish AAA games in card form at places like Walmart), you can always buy a gift card that is redeemed for store credit to gift to your brother-in-law, which he can redeem for content of his own choosing. Here's another image of a $25 Xbox gift card to illustrate the option.



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