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HSC16 Round 22: Moon Patrol Redux


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22 hours ago, slx said:

26.600, tanks got me. Jumping over them seems to work better than shooting them (which worked but seems to require very exact timing).


@therealbountybob, I'm afraid you missed my last (highest) scoring post, a bit better than the one tabulated, if still not spectacular. I never went to arcades that much in my youth* but am still glad I had this on the 800. Could have been a real coin eater. I played about 10 "one last try" games this morning trying to better yesterday evening's score and found it always took me several games to get back into the groove and master most of the level without losing a life (only to lose them all in quick succession against the tanks).  


*(There was only one place with "real" arcades in all of Vienna, our central amusement park. My best friend and I used to go there on the afternoon of the first day of school after summer break and blow about a month's worth of allowances on arcade games and go-kart racing. Very occasional additional visits might have happened when visiting fairs at the close-by fairground. I remember it always being a surprise which new and old arcade games were available.) 

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