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SillyVenture Fluid City BASIC Demo


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SillyVenture Fluid City is a demo and game demonstrating SuperCharger BASIC's strengths for pushing Atari graphics and music Fx!








More processing time for BASIC -
SuperCharger BASIC is a great BASIC for the demo scene for new programmers and advanced bB programmers who really push bB, 
because it exposes both vertical breaks to run BASIC code. 

Graphics -
Imagine ANTIC on the VCS; the soft blitter brings the Atari 400/800 display list technology to the VCS allowing blitter games and demos to be written with very little code - the game component of this demo is only 9 lines of BASIC and competed in the 2016 International 10 liner BASIC contest:



ASCII text in data statements for full screen text scroller -

The larger program shows display lists being used for the full screen text scrolling which reads standard ASCII text from data tables. 


Music Fx - tracker sequencer and resequencer - 
The tracker sequencer is built in for mashalling patterns, but I added an algorithmic resequencer like with BREAKOUT2002 LASERBEAMS which does interesting things to revise the melody and the player driven interactive harmony.


Hoping to focus on the ease of writing small programs with graphics Fx via the soft blitter on this thread! More information on the Music Fx designs is on the thread here:


Here is the DIZ from the contest with instructions on unlocking all of the demo's including the extended demo scene shoutout:


Fun Experiments - make your own resequenced chip tunes: 


I've also included the unreleased B-Side. To hear your own resequenced chiptunes, just drop them in place in the chiptunes section of the code.

The Music Fx thread above shows how, you may be surprised at the tune variations that emerge!


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