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2600jr I.D. some diodes

Marc Cote

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Hello fellow Atari'ers !


I am trying to figure out what's up (well down) with my 2600jr.  I see 4 diodes.


CR2, CR3 (1n4148), CR4 (1n4148), CR5.


Just like the classic joke about Walmart and the 4 pigs numbered 1,2,4,5 . . .  I can't find CR1.  Nor can I confirm that CR2 and CR5 are also 1n4148.


So the question becons,  Does anyone know?  Is there a mysterious and well hidden CR1?  Are the two diode I can't ID also 1n4148?  Would it be safe to plop those in and test...

At this point, my plan is to replace all resistors and caps, the VR1 seems Okay but what the heck...  I'll make this baby factory clean.  I just don't feel like troubleshooting anymore.


Thanks for any info, hints, claps, funny jokes about missing diodes or any other related subject ;-)


Happy Holidays,



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I figure the diode requirement should be the same.

I'm not sure, I'll have to check once home, but the LEDs are usually marked led and have arrows to symbolize light going out.  Again. I don't have either the board or schematics on hand.


Still it makes sense if they did not differentiate LED and Diodes.


I don't think I'll make things worst if I replace them with 1n4148 anyways.  I have to try the power regulator first, it's the most likely candidate anyway.


Thanks, sometimes just a beating drum singing the same song can help the thought process.



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