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Oni migają tymi kolorami w sposób profesjonalny


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After having collected several books on the Demoscene (Freakz, Masters of PixelArt, Breaking the borders and the sequels) I always wondered why there wasn't a book on the Atari 8 bit demoscene.

This book apparantly tells the history of the Demoscene and GameDevelopment that came out of it.


Now only need to learn to read Polish :)



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I bought this book at SillyVenture, even I can´t read polish too. ;) But I gave it to a polish ABBUC member who lives in Germany and he offered to write a review about the book, so that you get an idea about it. Hopefully it will be ready for magazine #140 which will be ready in March 2020.

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@Mathy I noticed on this site that there is a sale of a eBook version also


@Kaz atarionline.pl is ha.art.pl (the official publisher) also offering a eBook version ?

Well either we all have to learn to read Polish, find somebody to read and translate it to us or wait for an English release :D


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