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Wonderboy WIP - Favorite Port of All time

Yaron Nir

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Some of you probably know my all time favorite arcade game was wonderboy (hey, just look at my avatar here in AA :) )

hours spent on the arcade machine wasting many many coins.

When I was a teenager, wonderboy was ported to C64, and they have done pretty nice work. it never came to A8. I was very upset. 

Now many many years after (can't tell you exactly how old I am , can I? :) ) 

I've decided to take on the challanage and start working on A8 port.


I've turned to the best guys I know here:

- @mikeris doing incredible work on the theme music and FXs

- @popmiloand Myself are coding the game

- @José Pereirais overarching the graphics

- And recently joined @TIXwith his amazing sprite capabilities


This is just in its initial stage, but the results so far are outstanding (and yes, it is all in the eyes of the beholder, but to me, it is progressing quite nicely)


There is no end date for this release, but I think it is worth waiting....


For now I am sharing some screens shots of our progress so far,

The screen are not final and mostly were done as test and concept , but i think they show our progress and our port intentions.
























Here is a simple xex for sprite test:




let me know what you guys think.

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I was thinking about this particular game - thinking it surely must be on someone's hit list to do?  Given the last few titles of coin-ops that were successfully brought to the Atari 8-bits.  That it would be doable - but still a lot of work and time needed to do to a high standard.


That a decent platform game should be done - since the last one that caught everyone's eye - which I guess is Crownland?


And that two button support can be added - which can then top the C-64 conversion.  I think everyone here wishes for the best possible outcome from some talented people tackling it.



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Huge fan of the arcade as well !

I find it strange that people loved the c64 version, as I remembered me being very disappointed back then.. :sad:

I recently found that another (beta) version exists, with much better sprites !


Anyway, we aim to surpass those attempts  :P

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The C64 clone, The Equalizer was written by Gavin Raeburn who turned out a load of budget titles under the Power House label, most games were pretty good...


He now graces the consoles working on a certain Rally car sim, can't remember which one although Dirt seems to ring a bell.

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