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[WIP] Santa's Sprint


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This isn't quite finished but it is good enough for me to post.  Nothing special.  I was making a little game for my sons to play on their Christmas present tomorrow. They are 6 and 2, so Player 1 would be simple enough for the older boy to run around while the little one can "play" too.


Player 1 is Santa.  He has to get the present under the tree and then get back to the fireplace (pressing the fire button to get back up).

Player 2 is a trap set up by those pesky children.  Player 2 has to touch Santa and press the fire button to trap him. 


I will probably fix things a little bit later on but I got something playable for them.  The opening screens are just a personalized greeting, with the second screen their names (or any name desired). 




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I didn't get to finish it in time so I tried to make it somewhat playable for my kids and post it in case anybody wanted to mess around with it. It was a good play testing session though and I was practicing with some programming so maybe by next Christmas it would be done, but overall I didn't think it was too bad for a couple hours worth of work on my lunch breaks.


I'm thinking what it may need are some variations with the playfield instead of some randomized trees and fireplaces, like maybe some pfpixels or line obstacles, make the trap automated if no joystick input from a second player, and maybe some difficulty progression (I didn't intend on making it have any difficulty and just added the lives and timer elements so that the kids thought they were doing more with the game). And maybe a normal titlescreen.


The only feedback but I got from my son was why the tree and gifts were only one color. I told him because the lights were off. It was also funny to see their strategies. My son would hide his trap in the playfield and surprise me while my wife would just guard the tree relentlessly. Having that human element definitely made a difference, as we are super competitive.


I don't really plan on spending too much time messing around with this but I think if I have some time during lunch where I can get a little bit done I could make it work.

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