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Quest for Terminal Software that Works with the Quirky NanoPEB Serial Port


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I'm posting in this thread because I don't quite feel that my "quest" is completely over.


InsaneMultitasker, your Telco patch ran like a charm with my NanoPEB and WiFi "modem"!  Thank-you so much for doing this!  I tested a download with Xmodem, and it seemed to work fine too.


Unfortunately however, the speed is still limited to 2400 baud before it starts to degrade and drop characters in this environment.  I believe this is due to the complete lack of flow control.


Normally, hardware flow control is used, but this KISS-simple 3-wire modem cannot support hardware control.  Conversely, the 3 telecom packages that have been patched for use with the NanoPEB, do not seem to support software flow control.  (Naturally--why should they when they were designed to work with equipment that did support hardware control?)


So I have this quandary, and there are perhaps the following options:

  • Release my DIY document now and just live with 2400 baud. 
  • Attempt to patch MT74, Telco, and/or TIMXT to use software flow control (probably prohibitively complicated).
  • Attempt to patch Fast-Term, which already has the option to use software flow control, in the same manner as you have done the others (beyond my pay grade even with the example code generously provided.)



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Glad to hear that it worked and that a file transfer was successful!  My opinion would be to release your DIY when you are ready to do so.


Fast-Term will eek out some additional speed but like Telco and the other programs relying upon the inherently slow, RS232-based interrupt buffer, I believe that you'll start dropping characters when you exceed 4800 at a sustained rate. xon/xoff won't resolve the problem with the buffering mechanism.


TIMXT handles 38.4k without any flow control but requires the F18A video chip replacement for 80 column color text mode.  I haven't really delved back into that code since ~2017.  I'm not promising anything but I have considered adding a simple 40 column mode and completing v9938 support in 2020.

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