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Start up problems on Phoenix


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I finally got a chance to setup my unit and was disappointed in that it was not working I followed directions and set the unit up accordingly. The unit powers up and the green LEDn is on but gives a readout of unsupported. I have changed the HDMI cable a few times and have used multiple HDMI inputs on the TV but to no avail. I have other units connected such as the Mini NES,mini SNES, along with other compilation gaming systems all work fine using the HDMI cables and the HDMI ports on the TV. 
Any ideas what could be wrong or anything I can do do fix the problem? 
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As it has been mentioned several times, some TVs provide power through the hdmi connection that is causing issues. One way around that is to try using a powered hdmi switch box.  Something else that might work is check your tv settings in case there are options to disable the “instant on” feature of some tv’s (ie turning on the device also turns on the tv)


try on another tv as well (If you don’t have another tv can you bring it over to another friends or family member and try on their tv?)


if this is the issue, CollectorVision is aware of it and working on it.  More info that may help are located in the other Phoenix related thread so please read up on them fully

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