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Shovel Knight DLC - help me understand please


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So I have Shovel Knight for PS4 - bought in 2015, not the Treasure Trove version -- and the bullets in product description say this --


-- More on the Way!: Every copy of Shovel Knight will be updated for FREE with new content. 3 New full Campaigns starring familiar foes, Challenge Mode, Battle Mode, Body Swap Mode.
Now that they're finally "finished" with the DLC, it seems that all the campaigns are trying to charge me $10 each.   Any idea if I'm supposed to have access to the DLC with this version, or if I need to double dip  (triple really, since I have the WiiU version also) and buy the Treasure Trove to get all DLC?
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Yes, you should get the content for free. It sounds like there's an issue with PSN. Maybe try deleting the game and downloading it again.


I bought the Wii U digital version when it came out (2014) and I received all of the extra content at no charge, including the latest DLC that came out a few weeks ago.

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All the versions of Shovel Knight update to Treasure Trove to give you all of it. You can go out and buy a physical, old version of regular Shovel Knight, run the update, and the DLC should download and upgrade it to "Treasure Trove". 


Meaning you can still get a cheaper version of the game if you look for plain jane Shovel Knight. (Gamestop still has the old version for PS4 and WiiU for $15 or less.)

Oddly enough, you can still get the digital copy of Treasure Trove for only $25 for Switch at Gamestop.com.


I think the only version that's missing anything is the 3DS and Vita ones. I don't think either one got Showdown. I know for certain the 3DS didn't. 

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