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Which system was your favorite as a kid? (Poll suggestion by AA user "bluejay")


Which system was your favorite as a kid? (Poll suggestion by AA user "bluejay")  

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  1. 1. Which system was your favorite as a kid?

    • Atari 2600/5200/7800
    • Atari 8 bit
    • SMS/Genesis
    • TRS-80/CoCo
    • Commodore 8 bit
    • Turbografx 16
    • Gameboy
    • Game Gear
    • Hey, I ain't that old! I had a something-or-the-other system and it was so great!

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Which system was your favorite as a kid?



Poll question and answer choices as suggested by AA user bluejay.

The choices are kinda clumped together IMO, but this is

his ask and is presented exactly as such.

Don't shoot the messanger. Happy New Year to all :)




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The NES was my first system*, and of all the systems I got after when I was child (Genesis, Game Boy, Game Gear, PlayStation...), it never really left me. I always come back to it. I did a TON of PC gaming on our Packard Bell 486 as well.


Where this question gets muddy for me, though, is that I was only in junior high, just going into high school in the late '90s when I started collecting retro systems like Odyssey 2 and Atari 2600, both of which I adore and count as two of my all-time favorite consoles. What's the cutoff for "kid" here? Because if push came to shove, I'd probably have to put the Atari over the NES. (In any case, I voted NES.)


*Okay, my first system was actually the ancient Commodore 64 my parents had, but I was only about 5 when it went kaput, and we only had three or four games for it, and I believe we only had it for a short time anyway. But long enough to instill a lifelong fascination with computers and games from the '80s and back!

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Didn't really have a console when I was young until we got a Gamecube. (yeah I'm a millennial)


However I did have a GBC & GBA, but before we got a Gamecube. I was in a bit of a 80's phase in 2004 (blame VH1 lol) so young 8 year old me went searching for old consoles that played Donkey Kong and eventually got an NES from the Flea Market.

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On 1/18/2020 at 3:28 PM, GoldLeader said:

I went Atari,  based on the wording.  I thought of "kid" more than "College Kid", which would have meant NES/SNES for me,...


Me too. When I was little it was the 2600 as it was my first console. Public school it was the NES.

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On 1/25/2020 at 12:12 PM, AtariLeaf said:

Atari 2600 then the coco at number 2. Kinda sad no one chose it as of this post


If it's any consolation, I became a latter-day Color Computer fan in the 2000s. ? Around the time I was really starting to get into retro collecting, I found a CIB game for it (Galactic Attack) at a rummage sale that came with a catalog. I loved the catalog and the blocky cartridge with the label style that fell somewhere between utilitarian and fun, and even the plain-text manual that seemed to play to users who fancied themselves too sophisticated for mere game consoles and their illustrated instructions. ? It all seemed very of-its-era.


But alas, I did not have a CoCo as a kid.


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Atari 800 was my favorite and the only one I owned, with the 2600 close behind played at friends' and relatives' houses. I also enjoyed playing games on the Intellivision at a friend's house and the TI 99/4a at my uncle's house. There were so many good systems back in the early days of video gaming, but the Atari 8-bit was my favorite.

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On 2/20/2020 at 3:17 AM, archon72 said:

As a kid, the Atari 8-bit!

As a teenager, the Atari 16-bit!





Yeah..pretty much the same for me.  400 and 800XL from 79-85 or so. I didn't actually get the 16 bit(520ST) until 91 when I had already left home for the navy and had my own $, but I kind of stopped using my 800XL too much except for playing games on the weekends from 85 until I finished high school in 89. 

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