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19 hours ago, Omegamatrix said:

Asteroids Menu Screen.




Asteroids Menu Screen.zip 2.41 MB · 9 downloads



Combat next....




Thank you and thanks for adding the difficulty switches to the menu.?


<Edit> Forgot to mention the moving starfield...really digging this menu. 

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I love this whole idea, especially when it comes to Space Invaders with those 112 variations. Being able to select them in an easier way really helps.


Also, major, major thanks for providing both PAL50 and PAL60 versions too - I'm currently only able to run PAL50 stuff on my 2600 (as my setups don't quite handle the PAL60 modes right), and being able to set these up on my Harmony is really appreciated! :D

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@StephenJ, frogger doesn't fit within the spirit of what he's doing. That game only has options for 1 or 2 player and difficulty. Where a game like space invaders has over 100 different game options, variations and combinations that benefits tremendously from a start menu. 



good day.

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On 1/11/2020 at 12:51 PM, Omegamatrix said:

When I created the topic I chose not to have any pictures of the screens. My thought process was it would be a nice expierence for people to see them for the first time when they open the game. This completely backfired on me. People didn't really find anything interesting so they moved on without trying the games. So I've now added pictures of each screen and placed Super Breakout at the top since it is the most colorful.

Indeed - when I first encountered this post, I thought it was a *proposal*... Not that you had actually *done it*, and that was with the screen shots being posted.


Once I downloaded and tried the games, I was duly impressed!


(and it especially helps, since I'm playing this in Emulation, where it is much nicer to select options from a game controller primary inputs, and not a meta-screen of select/reset/ab/etc)




It really breathes some new life into these old games!


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