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What have you actually PLAYED tracker for 2020 (Season 13)


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tl;dr: Play video games (from 20th-century systems) and post your times!

For the 13th consecutive season, we weekly log which video games we've played and for how long. For the second year in a row, I am compiling the weekly, yearly and sometimes inbetween stats. As always, everyone are welcome to contribute - both old-timers, previous participants returning to the tracker and newcomers. Post just one week if you want, post every week if you like.

So what is this?

The basic idea is to post what games you played during each week, and for how long. You don't have to time it down to the exact minute (though most of us do), any reasonable estimates are acceptable. Then, at the end of the week, the statskeeper (that's me) totals everything up and we find out which games and platforms are seeing the most action.

Each week, we have top 10 lists for consoles/computers and for individual games. We also have a separate top 10 list for games released on platforms that predate the US release of the NES (i.e. roughly the tail end of 1985). That way, arcade-style vintage gaming doesn't get totally lost in the shuffle of RPGs, collectathons, and other games that take 10+ hours to complete.

However, our all-time #1 game and system are Kaboom and the Atari 2600 -- by a huge margin on both counts -- so the old consoles and computers are more than holding their own!


1. Be sure to list the system, the name of the game, and the length of time you play. Please note if the game has any alternate titles by which it's better known (i.e. Air Sea Battle vs. Target Fun). If you list multiple games, please group them by platform. If you play on a backwards-compatible system, e.g. Atari 2600 games on the 7800 or SMS games on the Genesis, the game should be listed under the older platform's name.


Note that we track video games here. While you are welcome to post your times on e.g. pinball games, board games, card games etc, those will not be counted. Of course if you play a video game simulating a pinball game or a board game, it counts. One of the few exceptions to this rule is the arcade game Baby Pac-Man (and a few more from the same publisher) which consists of a video game part and a pinball game part.


2. Each week runs Monday through Sunday (at midnight), though exceptions may occur around New Year. Try to post your times no later than night to Tuesday in your local timezone. I will generally wait until Tuesday afternoon/evening Central European Time before compiling the stats. If you post after stats have been posted, your times will be counted for the next week. Feel free to indicate in your post which dates your times relate to.


3. Playing on actual vintage hardware is preferred, although emulators are certainly allowed. In some cases (homebrews in development, rare arcade games) the may be no alternative to using an emulator.

4. Our cutoff year is 2000. That is, eligible consoles and computers have to have been released (in the US) before 2000. This includes Dreamcast and Nintendo 64, but excludes the most recent systems like PlayStation 2, XBox, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, et al. The same goes for computers: we count Windows 95/98 games, but not XP; Mac OS 9, but not OS X; and so on.


However there is hope for those of you who are stuck in the 21th century gaming! For the 3rd season in a row, we have a Modern gameplay tracker that covers everything the Classic gameplay tracker doesn't, i.e. anything from 2000 or newer goes into the other tracker. The format is identical, the stats are quite similar except for of course there is no point narrowing out pre-NES systems released 25 years after the NES itself was released. :)

5. Arcade games up to A.D. 2000 are permitted. So are emulated compilations of arcade games for modern systems, as long as they're not rewritten or otherwise massively "updated" versions. If you play 45 minutes of Robotron via Midway Arcade Treasures for the XBox, those 45 minutes are counted towards the arcade game. When you're playing arcade compilations, be sure to list each game separately (don't just put "Midway Arcade Treasures - 45 min.")

6. You don't just have to post a bare list of times -- comments, stories, images, gripes, and helpful hints are always encouraged! If you're struggling with a level, got a new high score, or have some thoughts about what's great or what stinks about a particular game...well, that's the kind of stuff that makes this fun to read.

How to make the statskeeper's life easier:

- If you post a big list of games, please consider alphabetizing them first (after grouping them by platform, which also is helpful to alphabetize).

- Posting your times in minutes, rather than hours + minutes, makes things a little simpler.

- Even if you don't know the exact time, it's better to post a specific number and say it's an estimate. If you say you posted a bunch of games for "between 20 minutes and an hour", I'll just average everything out to 40 minutes, but it's much better to have a sense of which games you played more and which ones you played less.

- If there's room for confusion or ambiguity, please address that in advance so I don't have to research it myself. Non-US releases, homebrews in progress, alternate titles, and expanded re-releases can get especially tricky.

That about covers it. If you want a taste of our numbers, you can check the newly posted stats for 2019.


One more thought:

If you haven't participated before, or if you did and got busy with other things, consider taking part in 2019! You may find that it has some interesting side effects -- I've found that keeping a log dramatically changes how I think about my own gaming, and mostly for the better.

P.S. Past years of the tracker: 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019

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D'Oh! I proof read it otherwise and I don't have the moderator abilities to fix typos afterwards so I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to understand which year we now live in.


Besides as pointed out elsewhere, the current week runs from Wed, Jan 1 to Sun, Jan 5. I've still to get some gameplay of my own but hopefully I'll play some in the weekend.

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ATARI 2600:

Bowling - 2 minutes

Missile Command - 10 minutes

Pac-Man 4K - 20 minutes

Squish 'Em - 15 minutes


ATARI 7800:

Fat Axl - 4 minutes

Pac-Man Collection - 107 minutes

Water Ski - 6 minutes




1) My high score of this week on 2600 Squish 'Em - Game 1, Difficulty B/B - on A7800 console



2) My Water Ski gameplay footage on A7800 emulator


3) My Pac-Man Collection gameplay footage on A7800 console, Random Mazes


4) My Pac-Man 4K gameplay footage on 2600 Stella, KEY skill


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Atari 8-bit:
Olympic Skier - 75 min.
Spy Hunter - 10 min.
White Circus - 34 min.


Spy Hunter was a semi-last minute effort in the final round of the A8 HSC for 2019. Then I watched some winter sports on TV and wanted to play some of that myself. However it was too long ago I played those other games that I mainly have forgotten the controls and being a "real man", I didn't bother looking up any instructions so I spent some time just trying to figure out by trial and error how to play the games... Well, at least it is a start for 2020.


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Here are my times for this past broken week (January 1st through 5th) on classic systems...



1942 - 12 min.

Pooyan - 11 min.

Rally-X - 24 min.

Sidewinder - 19 min.

Taxi driver - 1 min.

Tetris (Atari Games) - 63 min. in 3 sessions


Atari 2600:

Commando - 30 min.

Defender - 10 min.

Frontline - 10 min.


Another week off work means another bunch of games played...

After having played the arcade original of Commando, I tried the Atari 2600 version, and afterwards I played the similar game Frontline which I actually like a bit more because the enemies have more freedom of movement while in Commando (as well as Ikari Warriors) everything is pretty much zoned off, and each zone contains exactly one enemy.


Then I played Defender a bit because there was a discussion about an Odyssey^2 version of it which eventually became "Deaf Edna" before work on it stalled completely (maybe because I again managed to completely discourage the programmer with my reaction to it). Still trying to imagine how a proper Odyssey^2 version of Defender could look after on the Atari 2600 some liberties were taken as well.


Then I tried some vertical shooters... Sidewinder and 1942 fall into that category. Sidewinder actually ran on Amiga hardware, and there was a pretty identical Amiga version sold on disk (except for a much longer break between levels while data got loaded from disk). Then I replayed Pooyan and Rally-X where I got to the first "Charanging stage". I actually remember watching somebody play this in the arcade room of a cinema back in early 1982 where I watched my first movie, "Flash Gordon", but I already knew the game before that. Namco always had pretty advanced hardware, and this is no exception...


In contrast to that, for Tetris it seemed like Atari Games intentionally picked cheap hardware since they figured they didn't need a 16-bit processor or FM sound for Tetris, so the Tetris hardware used in 1986 or 1987 can actually be pretty much compared to the Rally-X hardware used in 1980. But Mirrorsoft went similarly low for the home computer conversions... the C-64 version actually was coded in BASIC and then compiled using Austro-Comp.

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Super Mario Bros 3 (1990 NES version) 50 mins
Gradius (NES) 20 mins
Override (PC Engine) 45 mins
GunHed (Blazing Lazers) (PC Engine) 54 mins
Gun-Nac (NES) 55 mins
Silkworm (NES) 20 mins
Super Aleste (SFC/SNES) 35 mins
Machine Hunter (PS1) 53 mins (An interesting twin-stick shooter that seemd to have gotten bad ratings back in the day, but it's quite fun).
Gekioh: Shooting King (PS1) 46 mins
Final Soldier (PC Engine) 64 mins (got the endboss on stage 6, the farthest I have been so far in this game).
Image Fight (NES/Famicom) 33 mins
Terra Cresta (NES/Famicom) 24 mins
Juno First (Atari 2600) 25 mins 
Gubble (PS1) 22 mins (WTF is this? It's like some weird version of Pac-man where you unscrew things. It's not a bad game by any means and there's much worse for the PS1 out there, but the devs must have been high the entire time when working on this game). 

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My times for the week:


The Chessmaster - 6 min.
Overlord - 13 min.
Palamedes - 197 min.
Spot: The Video Game! - 20 min.


Game Boy:
High Stakes Gambling - 3 min.
Nangoku Shounen Papuwa-kun - 36 min.
Operation C - 170 min.
Outburst - 5 min.
Quarth - 510 min.
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Juggernauts - 62 min.


Art of Fighting - 23 min.
Family Dog - 3 min.


Beat everything I played for more than 5 minutes, with the exception of Nangoku Shounen Papuwa-kun. Thoughts on all of them here, except Chessmaster (since it was on a low level of difficulty) and Quarth (since I only just finished it).


BTW Outburst is the Japanese version of Raging Fighter, which I didn't know until after I'd tried it out.

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My times for the short week are:

Arcade on ps one

Asteroids 37 mins. I’ve been playing this game for over 40 years and still terrible. 17,540 for high score. 
Dig Dug 11 mins

Galaxian 18 mins

Ms. Pac-Man 8 mins

Pole Position 2 - 21 mins


Atari 2600

Eggomania 85 mins. HS of 198,706. 
Solar Fox 111 mins

Squish em 14 mins


all fun. 




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It's been a crazy busy past week around here so I haven't had time to do my household's stat totals for 2019 yet, or even check in to see the final tracker community stats from 2019, but here's my household's times for the first and rather short week of the year. I'm hoping Wednesday I'll have the time to sit down and crunch the numbers for last year's end of year wrap up. :)




Starlink: Battle for Atlas (Nintendo Switch) - 365 minutes



Galaga (Played on Namco Museum Arcade Pac for Nintendo Switch) - 10 minutes


Atari 2600

Millipede Trak-Ball - 8 minutes

Missile Command - 16 minutes

Missile Command Trak-Ball - 14 minutes

Ms. Pac-Man - 11 minutes



Tomb Raider III - 242 minutes


Sega Genesis

Lightening Force: Quest for the Darkstar - 86 minutes



Total Video Game Play Time This Week

752 minutes (12 hours 32 minutes) [387 minutes eligible]


Individual System Play Times This Week

Nintendo Switch: 365 minutes

PlayStation: 242 minutes

Sega Genesis: 86 minutes

Atari 2600: 49 minutes

Arcade: 10 minutes


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Here's the summary for Week 01, running from January 1 - 5. We logged 2889 minutes of eligible play, playing 63 games on a total of 12 systems.

Top 10:


1. Quarth (Game Boy) - 510 min.
2. Tomb Raider III (PlayStation) - 242 min.
3. Palamedes (NES/Famicom) - 197 min.
4. Operation C (Game Boy) - 170 min.
5. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 111 min.
6. Pac-Man Collection (Atari 7800) - 107 min.
7. Thunder Force IV / Lightening Force: Quest for the Darkstar (Genesis) - 86 min.
8. Eggomania (Atari 2600) - 85 min.
9. Olympic Skier (Atari 8-bit) - 75 min.
10. Final Soldier (TG-16/PC Engine) - 64 min.


Pre-NES top 10:


1. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 111 min.
2. Pac-Man Collection (Atari 7800) - 107 min.
3. Eggomania (Atari 2600) - 85 min.
4. Olympic Skier (Atari 8-bit) - 75 min.
5. Asteroids (Arcade) - 37 min.
6. White Circus (Circo Bianco) (Atari 8-bit) - 34 min.
7. Commando (Atari 2600) - 30 min.
7. H.E.R.O. (C64) - 30 min.
7. Lode Runner (C64) - 30 min.
10. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 29 min.
10. Squish 'em (Atari 2600) - 29 min.

Top 10 systems:


1. Game Boy (786)
2. NES/Famicom (438)
3. Atari 2600 (421)
4. PlayStation (363)
5. Arcade (235)
6. TG-16/PC Engine (163)
7. Atari 8-bit (119)
8. Atari 7800 (117)
9. Genesis (86)
10. SNES (61)

The year starts with a big block hole in form of Quarth, here in the Game Boy version. More puzzle fun is found in third place with Palamedes with a bit of Lara Croft inbetween. Pre-NES is headed by Solar Fox right ahead of Pac-Man Collection, and systems wise it is a bit of a Nintendo week with Game Boy in first place and NES/Famicom just barely in second place.


No new entries to the 1000 or 5000 minute clubs, but as you can guess Solar Fox becomes the 2nd game ever to record 20000+ minutes in the tracker. Still more than 200000 minutes away from Kaboom! of course but anyway a milestone.

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Another C64 week- all times 'even' because I'm trying to keep within disciplined breaktimes at work.  If I don't, i'll end up playing nothing but C64 because I have no self-control, lol.




Attack of the Mutant Camels -- 30 minutes

Frostbite -- 30 minutes

Impossible Mission -- 30 minutes


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ATARI 2600:

Basketball (for HSC) - 5 minutes

Ice Hockey (for HSC) - 25 minutes

Squish 'Em - 15 minutes


ATARI 7800:

Asteroids - 4 minutes

Pac-Man Collection - 65 minutes




1) My new personal high score on 2600 Squish 'Em via console, Game 1 B/B




2) My Ice Hockey gameplay footage for 2600 NEW HSC Season 9, Week 22 (Winter Sports)


3) My 7800 Pac-Man Collection with Ultra Pac-Man Plus and Turbo modes


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Elite Gramophone Company - 35 min.


ZX Spectrum:
The Anchovy Coast - 75 min.


As the A8 HSC currently is in off-season, I decided to play something else. My goal was to investigate some strategy games to see how playable those are. I've played both before, and since I am the developer of Anchovy Coast, I spent a good deal with beta testing it back in 2017 yet I'm not sure if anyone else has played it yet. It was meant as a crap game (thus a joke) but with a few tweaks here and there, it could almost pass for a decent strategy game, or so I want to think. I played three full rounds and at best ended with 760 million Lira (yes, this game takes place in Italy 1975).


Elite Gramophone Company is a listing by the late Tim Hartnell from the book Challenging Games for the Commodore 64. I thought it might have originated from some older system but Google doesn't seem to be finding it elsewhere. In any case, it is a completely random affair that lets you hire or fire employees, decide how many gramophones to produce this week and occasionally if you want to raise your price. Everything else is automatic including employees getting raises, suppliers increasing their costs and that there are no sales forecasts, no means to invest in advertising, product development or anything else. You play until you run out of money, simply put so I managed 37 weeks with reasonably progressive play style. The idea for the game could be reused for a more challenging strategy game, in particular now that gramophones have become popular again but then you could create a game about manufacturing and selling just about anything. Even Lemonade Stand has more elements of strategy than this one.

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Here are my times for this past week (January 6th through 12th, 2020) on classic systems:



Alien Syndrome - 30 min.

Amidar - 25 min.

Bosconian - 22 min.

Devil Fish - 46 min.

Sheriff (Nintendo) - 17 min.

Son Son - 45 min.


Atari 2600:

Vanguard - 12 min.

Seaquest - 18 min.



Penguin Adventure - 32 min.


This week I replayed quite a few games... in Amidar, I got to Level 4, in Bosconian I didn't get farther than usual, and in Devil Fish I made it to round 3. I quit Son Son when it got too hard to progress. As for Sheriff, I played it on MAME, but couldn't get my ideal control configuration to work, which would have been running with the cursor keys and controlling the aim and fire with the mouse (as you sort-of do in FPS games), but I couldn't get that configuration to work... in fact, mouse support was greyed out in the configuration settings (but maybe that was because I used an old version of MAME). Sheriff also was a game Nintendo put out before they hit the home market with their Game & Watch games, and back then I actually thought Nintendo was part of the game name (as if the sheriff's name was Nintendo). It's still got pretty primitive graphics on about the level of Carnival, but it's got music which is a great feat for the sound chip used which can actually only be controlled in an analog fashion.


In Alien Syndrome I got past the first boss, but the 2nd level looks pretty confusing, so I didn't want to continue playing.


As for the Atari games, Vanguard is strictly divided in several scenes with different scenery and enemies while the arcade original, as far as I know, scrolls through the whole tunnel in one pass until you get to the boss. Also you can only continue the game until you've made the 1st tunnel, then it's game over after you lost your last life.


Seaquest gets harder quickly, but I think I managed to rack up about 30,000-40,000 points.


Finally, Penguin Adventure is a game I hadn't played before, but I had completed its predecessor, Antarctic Adventure. My inspiration here was actually a thread about Smurf's Rescue which never came out on the MSX and the similar game Cabbage Patch Kids which actually was a rewrite of Konami's MSX game Athletic Land. Antarctic Adventure, then, also by Konami, came out for the Colecovision under the same title as the MSX version, both done by Konami. Anyway, in Penguin Adventure I managed to beat the first boss, but despite being an "adventure" the game is still pretty linear. I expected the world to be more open, but it isn't although there are some warps which don't exist in Antarctic Adventure.

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My times for the week:


Atari 2600:
Porky’s - 22 min.


Back to the Future - 17 min.
Musashi no Bouken - 194 min.
Solstice - 4 min.


Game Boy:
Alfred Chicken - 4 min.
Smurfs 2 - 272 min.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan - 71 min.


Dig ’n Spike Volleyball - 10 min.
Power Piggs of the Dark Age - 6 min.
Super Punch-Out - 66 min.


Beat TMNT (no-death), Porky's (perfect score), and Smurfs 2 (on Hard).

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Thanks to an update to the Nintendo Switch versions of Doom and Doom II this past week which added a few features that were never present in the original PC-DOS releases, such as a visual weapon carousel for changing weapons and 60 frames per second gameplay (the originals were capped at 35 fps), I'll now be logging all my time spent playing Doom on the Switch under the heading of Nintendo Switch instead of PC-DOS. :) 


Ineligible (All Nintendo Switch)

Doom: SIGIL - 280 minutes

Doom II: No Rest for the Living - 315 minutes

Final Doom - 370 minutes

Starlink: Battle for Atlas - 70 minutes

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 215 minutes


Sega 32X

Virtua Racing Deluxe - 72 minutes


Sega Genesis

Super Monaco GP - 88 minutes

Virtua Racing - 17 minutes


Sony PlayStation

Tomb Raider III - 166 minutes



Total Video Game Play Time This Week

1,593 minutes (26 hours 33 minutes) [343 minutes eligible]


Individual System Play Times This Week

Nintendo Switch: 1,250 minutes

Sony PlayStation: 166 minutes

Sega Genesis: 105 minutes

Sega 32X: 72 minutes

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Only a couple retro games this week for me...


Atari Jaguar

Iron Soldier - 30 min (Just kinda messing around.  Don't remember how to complete the first mission.  Couldn't remember what the objectives were.  Also, since I don't have an overlay, I had some trouble controlling my mech.  Took me a bit of experimentation to figure out some of the buttons.  But then, at one point, I still got turned weird and couldn't figure out what I did to turn myself back...)



Breath of Fire III - 70 min (Streamed this for a bit.  Would have been longer, but my gf got home earlier than expected so I stopped.  Obviously didn't get too far into the game.  I've had it for years but never beat it.  Maybe I will this time...)

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Here's the summary for Week 02, running from January 6 - 12. We logged 2188 minutes of eligible play, playing 50 games on a total of 14 systems.

Top 10:


1. Smurfs 2 [Smurfs Travel Around the World] (Game Boy) - 272 min.
2. Musashi no Bouken [The Adventures of Musashi Jr] (NES/Famicom) - 194 min.
3. Tomb Raider III (PlayStation) - 166 min. (#2)
4. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 91 min. (PN#10)
5. Super Monaco GP (Genesis) - 88 min.
6. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 77 min. (#5)
7. Anchovy Coast (Sinclair ZX Spectrum) - 75 min.
8. Virtua Racing Deluxe (Sega 32X) - 72 min.
9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan (Game Boy) - 71 min.
10. Breath of Fire III (PlayStation) - 70 min.

Pre-NES top 10:


1. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 91 min. (PN#10)
2. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 77 min. (#5)
3. Anchovy Coast (Sinclair ZX Spectrum) - 75 min.
4. Pac-Man Collection (Atari 7800) - 65 min. (#6)
5. Devil Fish (Arcade) - 46 min.
6. Son Son (Arcade) - 45 min.
7. Basketball (Atari 2600) - 42 min.
8. Elite Gramophone Company (C64) - 35 min.
9. Penguin Adventure (MSX) - 32 min.
10. Attack of the Mutant Camels (C64) - 30 min.
10. Frostbite (C64) - 30 min.
10. Ice Hockey (Atari 2600) - 30 min.
10. Impossible Mission (C64) - 30 min.


Top 10 systems:


1. Atari 2600 (413) (#3)
2. Game Boy (347) (#1)
3. NES/Famicom (265) (#2)
4. PlayStation (236) (#4)
5. Arcade (222) (#5)
6. Genesis (135) (#9)
7. SNES (127) (#10)
8. C64 (125)
9. Sinclair ZX Spectrum (75)
10. Sega 32X (72)


We've got cartoon characters travelling around the world as well as those fighting criminals. We've got role playing games about Japanese legends and action adventures with polygon enhanced heroines. We've got our weekly doses of Kaboom! and Solar Fox. We've got various forms of racing, games that relive documentaries from the 70's, Pac-Man and more unusual arcade games, plus a bit of everything else one could think of. We've got the Atari 2600 back into first place among the systems but what we don't have this week is any new member of the 1000 Minute Club. However we've got just over 9200 different games listed!

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