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Collectorvision Phoenix Atari 2600 core - does it allow the use of an Atarivox in port 2?


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On 1/9/2020 at 1:08 AM, Loafer said:

I am considering ordering an atarivox+ as there are some recent homebrew games that provide very good support for this device. So if I get one and plug it into the joystick port 2 of the Phoenix, would it work when running a compatible Atari 2600 game?

If it needs 5v power it will not work as the Phoenix 9 pin ports have no 5v pin. It you built an adapter with a 5v power to pin 7 of the AtariVox, then it might work. However, Do not let the 5v go to pin 7 of the Phoenix port. 

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On 2/21/2020 at 10:11 PM, ArcadeJunkie said:

That is actually a very good question... maybe if i have some time this weekend i shall give it a try and report back.


Regardless, i love using the atarivox on my Vectrex and my 7800!  you should honestly just get one to use in general.

I’m certain it is an excellent device but I am migrating from the older consoles to the Phoenix.  Really getting tired of the older devices’ aging issues and soon I think I will be CRT less in the house.  This isn’t a negative to our old favorite consoles, 

just a reality for me 

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