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OKGE Updates...All should read!!!


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Well, OKGE is over, and I must say it was AWESOME! I went in not intending to do any actual selling, and walked away witb a nice pocket full of cash! Thanks go to Jesse Hardesty for setting this whole thing up. He did a hell of a job coordinating everything. Not only was the gaming tournament great fun, but by gawd, he even had Krispy Kreme donuts for us (even though the gospel singers or something that were meeting in the room next to us sort of hijacked our donuts, hehe) and free Subway sandwiches. Right at this moment, I haven't slept for two days, so I'm gonna consider getting some much needed shuteye. Oh, and I didn't actually acquire much, except for a way-sweet Adventure Plus hack cart and some HeroClix that I needed.

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I'm about to crash, still recovering from the trip myself - the journey home was a bit of an adventure, unfortunately. :ponder:


It was great to meet everyone who dropped by the PDF tables, Home of the Racin' Light Cycles, and great to see so many families and so many kids there - quite a diverse crowd, and many of them stayed for almost the entire duration of the event. I guesstimated 200, maybe 300 people. But not bad for a first showing in an area that's never seen something like this. The guests were enthusiastic about all of it, from the LAN stuff to the Neo Geo stuff to the favorite attraction at my tables, the 1972 Magnavox Odyssey.


Got a look at the Backfire label and manual. The label on the cart is mighty nice, but the manual is a beautiful thing. Wait until you guys get a load of this!


Jess and his entire family put on a great show. And his mom owns you when it comes to 2600 Frogger. So when's the next one again, Jess? Next week? :D


Here's some pics to tide everyone over until I can gather my thoughts more coherently.








A big, colossal thank you to my friend Kent Sutton, who manned my table with me. I was so exhausted - i.e. no sleep for 30+ hours - that I actually went to sleep in my chair behind my table for an hour and a half. It's not that OKGE wasn't exciting - I was loving having people, and again especially kids and families, come by and play what I had on display, but that I was just exhausted beyond my ability to keep on my feet. Thanks to Kent, I could pull a hairbrained stunt like that without fear. :lol: This was my first time as an exhibitor, and I hope it didn't show too badly.


More pictures and a full write-up soon!

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Just a quick note from me and a few pictures before I start my journey back to Austin in a few minutes. I had a blast at the show, met lots of great people and actually had a chance to sit down and play some games. :) I'm also glad to see that I didn't hold the record for driving furthest to attend the show! That honor probably goes to Warpzone Video Games, who came all the way from Minnesota!


Here are some pictures; I will post a much larger batch as soon as I get home (they are all captioned and ready to go!) I'd upload them now, but I'm on a horribly slow dial-up connection that very much reminds me of my first modem--an Atari 1030. :)









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I'm telling you... this is the first event I've been at... and I had a blast!


I learned a lot about other systems (Vectrex and others) and will probably end up buying more stuff now. lol




Everyone I met was very nice! And I thought the event was handled very well!




Is this going to be an annual thing?

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Holy Crap. I got home this morning at about 4:30, after a 12 hour drive back from OKGE. It's good to be back in MN... I just want to thank everybody who attended OKGE, and especially those who stoped by the Warpzone Video Games booth. You guys all made it all worth while (even when the car broke down on the way there in buttfu*k Missouri and i had to take a ride with Cletus the county sherriff to go get it running again...). I'd also like to thank those who organized this event, and my personal apologies to Jesse, whom I ran out on after the show without giving him props (I was going on like 4 hours of sleep and I just wanted to get on the road.). Until nex time!

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WOW! This is all I can say for this first time show and for my first time putting something like this together. Based on the feedback of those I spoke with at the show...the number one question of the day, wasn't were such and such system was...or where can I find this and that game. No, indeed the #1 questions of the day was "When are you doing this again?", and "Willl this be an annual event or earlier than that?", "How can I be involved with helping to plan out #2?". Etc...


I do have pictures, but I haven't yet unpacked the camera to hook it up and grab them. Soon as I get a chance, (Spent most of today sleeping actually), I will post them at the OKGE webpage.


I am sorry to see it already over, but hopefully another show for next year will be possible and with perhaps a bit more help as well.


I hope all who attended did have a good time, I know that I did! I am sorry if I didn't introduce myself to each and everyone of you personally. I tried to, but being an organizer is a heck of a lot of work. Being an organizer and trying to display items from your collection, is...well...INSANE! It was a lot of fun, and it will take some time for me to come down from the high of it and the almost 48 hours lacking sleep that I was under...hehe


Also for those interested we do not have an official head count. But a count of entries in the OKGE prize drawing box reveals that just over 90 people put in entries, and that was after weeding out duplicates. If you subtract the exhibitors and vendors who also put in entries that still put us at over 70 actual visitors who left entries. Now that may seem small, but to me it is huge as I know as does all else who attended, that not everybody entered into the drawings. In fact most likely most visitors didn't. This confirms that the 1st and hopefully annual OKGE definitely had over 100 people attend the event overall! Simply amazing and I do wish to thank each and everyone of the exhibitors and vendors there who without them, the show simply wouldn't have existed. Thank you all so very much again for a great and fun experience!


:D :!: :o 8)

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Gives me and DanIacovelli something to shoot for in next year's VGS.


I think that is a plug :)

but yes there some plans going in my head for VGS'04

can't say now(Theres been talk about moving to another location

but I don't thinks it's possible right now(we agoing be adding an extra room for a game room)

Dan Iacovelli

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