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IntelliVania for the Mattel Intellivision coming 2020


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1 hour ago, Rev said:

I hope everyone loves the gatefold boxes.  They are very nice. 


It is a real treat for any new Intellivision game, but especially for major releases like this.


Thanks for getting such an appropriate artist to do the cover art. It's both nostalgic and original looking/feeling.

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24 minutes ago, WaveRider1970 said:

In the top right of the first picture, is that the game that we can't reserve in the new intellivision club because the forum on intellivision online is still locked? Or when OR will be announced for sale?

That's Fantasy, one of the Dr Ports games.


The first Intelliclub game has been announced in the Intelliclub forum.


You can sign up here:




Once you're approved you can access the Intelliclub section of the Intellivision Revolution forum:



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