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Bet on Collectorvision club's 2020 secret game?


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On 1/18/2020 at 12:56 PM, CanadianTenor said:

What were the playability bugs in Bagman homebrew?

I consider it unfortunately unplayable. It was a game I was looking forward to so much, but after receiving it, it became my most hated game because it had SO much potential but the collision detection took away ALL the fun. At first I thought it might be my controller, but after trying many, including a modded NES pad and even more recently the NTT controller with the Phoenix, there’s no denying it’s just got terrible collision detection. The ladders can be so difficult to get on/off. Almost every time I die, I feel like it’s not a poor decision on my part, but that I couldn’t move properly. My wife also feels the same (she was excited by the screenshots, but dismayed by the gameplay).

For the longest time, I kept giving it another chance. thinking maybe with yet another type of controller, or maybe it was just my imagination that it was so bad... but every time I try again, I walk away with so much frustration and anger. It’s weird because this game gets me more angry than almost any other game I can think of. Again, I think it’s because it has so much potential that could have been fixed if testers were a little more honest instead of being so accepting of the flaws in the collision detection. (I know this may offend some, but it’s not my intention).


I also hoped there would be more ppl who would speak up about it and maybe it could be fixed and those who wanted could send the cart in for a replacement at a nominal charge or something. But it seemed most of the community is overly uncritical of homebrews. That’s also why I’ve been hesitant to express how I really feel about it until now. I really don’t like criticizing something a small developer / fellow AA member programmed.


So, sorry, but I really really hate this game and plead for an update to fix it (without charging us for a whole new game).


As for the topic at hand... I have no guesses about what the 2020 game may be. I just saw these Bagman posts and had to finally speak up. I love you all!  :lol:

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Man, hate to say it but I really hope it's not Zookeeper or another great arcade game.. I wasn't able to join in time to meet the deadline. I'm an arcade game junkie! Lol. If worst comes to worst, maybe I could trade the last secret member game for this one, if someone happens not to like it and is up for it. I have no problem paying for the game outright or even paying for roms if CollectorVision decides to start selling them. Guess we'll see what happens. ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I have been out of the Colecovision for a few years, but recently purchased one again. Apparently I have missed quite a bit over the past four or so years, including these neat CollectorVision exclusive secret games. I see I can purchase a rom vault pack (which is great!) and I plan on doing that on my next pay day and I also plan on getting in on 2021's membership. Question is, will I have access to those previous secret titles (in rom form) when I sign up for 2020's membership? I hope so...really would love to know what they were!

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31 minutes ago, mingus said:

Welcome back to the sickness!  I did the same thing and missed several years of greatness.  Catching up has not been kind to my wallet! ;)

I hear you on that! I used to have quite a homebrew collection but I have pretty much given up on re-collecting that. I have the Atarimax SD cart and playing roms are just fine and dandy for me. I am still collecting actual carts as I can afford them, but I am perfectly fine with purchasing rom images just to be able to play the games. I have always been more of a game player than a collector personally and its great that we have these digital options in this day and age.

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