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2019 Atari Homebrew Awards: Nomination Results

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16 hours ago, Shannon said:

So I just played the C64 version of this.  The controls and gameplay to me seem a little too fine tuned for the 2600 to handle.  How does it play on the 2600?

It plays really, really well and is very responsive to input (the big red button). It's also has incredible music and graphics and was nominated in both categories.


You can watch my highest score here starting at timestamp 2h04m39s of 7224 points.


- James

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3 hours ago, Arenafoot said:

Probably will not be released until all 100 copies of Spaceman Splorf are sold at Packrat Video Games......






Sorry I missed this.  Thanks for the update.  The 2600 version seems decent enough.  Almost like a flappy bird in space.. :lol:


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