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The review of A-Z of Atari ST Games Volume 3 book RetroLaird is trying to delete!

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2 hours ago, Mr.T said:

What did I just say about not being invisible?

Please see picture proof of Kieren Hawken's invisibility cloak at work!


Shout it as loud as you want, what you’re saying doesn’t even match with what’s written. Just because you say it doesn’t make it reality. 

Yep! The truth is indeed out there!


I could dunk a budgie in my tea, that don’t make it a fucking biscuit, dumbass.

Ha ha ha. HA HA HA. Ha Ha.


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'of' spelling correction. + edited photo for lols
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1 minute ago, Welshworrier said:

FYI - the retrogamer sucks account tweeted at about 3.20am, just retweeting the retrolaird "my family" tweet. 


In case people missed it, the atari fan account name and background picture was previously used by JattDave




Kieren isn't even deceptively stupid is he?


He just wears it like a badge of honour!

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6 hours ago, Mr.T said:

Want more folks? We’ve got the two other events he buried, his shilling for an event he formerly publicly berated, the private messages between the Revival crew where he upset everyone, and the final incident and conversation where he was hold to fuck off away from Revival and never darken our door again...


No need to hold back, everything you put here is being indexed in the first page of this thread. The more evidence that gets out there against him, the better.



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why is he talking about his kid getting abuse on xbox live ? what a total moron ! how does that work out ? it's just another absolutely fucking pathetic angle from which to attempt to mine pity. 

how would anyone have his kids contact details on xbox live ? HOW is that possible ? it just isn't, and i think that has to be written off for the obvious bollocks that it is. once again, with no proof he just expects people to believe. surely you know by now, kieren, that you're marked as a pathological liar, therefore no-one will believe anything you say without evidence - which is, of course, the one thing you NEVER provide. 


also, this "he now knows the word cunt" bullshit is very similar from one of kieren's sockpuppet account postings on one of my videos, actually a wotsit video, wherein he went mental about the language because he discovered his kids had clicked on the link. it was genuinely pathetic. for starters, kids would never find my youtube content, as it's utterly marginalised and there's no reason for them to be there. secondly, if he wants to whine about hypothetical (made up) situations wherein his or someone elses offspring find my videos then get offended then, hm, he should work on his parenting skills. youtube is not a valid babysitter and, regardless of "parental controls" or whatever, it is extremely bad parenting to just plop your kids down in front of a computer/tablet and expect that all is going to be okay. there is no real excuse for that and it certainly is not the fault of the internet if they stray down odd paths. thirdly, the account he posted from used a name that he'd used previously to make some pissy reviews about a pub in the luton area (found by googling), where he'd taken his family for a meal and they'd subsequently been subjected to hearing swear words and the whole incident had apparently been an outright disgrace. i mean, can you imagine ? swear words. in a PUB of all places. 


interesting that kieren will quite happily say revolting things and make incredibly hateful insinuations or spread invented "facts" about people, yet chooses to take the moral high ground from time to time. bizarre and, frankly, absolutely pathetic. 


once again, the notion of his kid logging in to xbox live only to receive a pile of abuse is farcical bullshit and, if it IS true (which it isn't) then it's merely showing that, once again, he can't control the kids online experience which, as a parent, it is his responsibility to do. again, this is not anyone's fault but his. furthermore, suggesting all this bullshit about family disharmony is actually him USING HIS FAMILY as a pathetic totem for sympathy and as if they are some kind of shield. no-one brought your family into this, kieren, apart from you. if your wife is crying then you need to look at your behaviour as it is you that has caused this. no-one else. you. 

craig merely noted that there was no one at his wedding and those who were present were merely there because they felt "very, very sorry for him". that's a reasonable thing to do, surely ? hardly a vindictive stab into the hearts of those involved. sounds like if the people kieren spread lies and hate about hadn't been at his wedding then there would have been no-one there. hardly a vote of social confidence, is it ? hardly the image one would expect for someone who is both revered and admired throughout the gaming community. also, craig said nothing remotely derogatory about kieren's family. nothing. 

there are no angles you can come from and no seams you can mine in order to paint yourself in a good or injured light here, kieren. what you have done to people over the years is a fucking disgrace. once again it seems that you can give it out ad infinitum but cannot take even a micro sampling of what you've done to others. let's face it, what's taking place here is simply people speaking the truth about your horrible, insidious and cowardly attempts to ruin people's livelihoods and online reputations. making a pathetic post on twitter about how your family have been "dragged into it" is just that, absolutely pathetic. no-one, save for yourself, has dragged them into this. it also, to me, seems like you've completely invented the scenario with your kid and xbox live just in order to try and garner sympathy. is that how you think relationships work, held together by pity ? do you think "pity" can be converted into "love" easily ? newsflash - it cannot. 


this is heading into nick roper territory now, really, in the realms of how farcical it all is. he cannot actually prove any of the bullshit he claims, nor can he deny his devilment over the years, so instead the "attack my family !" angle comes into play. the thing is, as stated, no-one actually did. in fact, in order for anyone in his family to have seen this page, or the information therein, he would have had to have turned them on to it. the only person that has upset his family (if indeed anyone is remotely upset) is him. as for this "i can take it" angle, well, it's clearly obvious that he can't, otherwise he wouldn't be using bullshit about his family as a backstop. kieren, you are a pathetic little coward. once again, i urge you to just stop all of this and go away but, of course, you can't, can you ? however, know this. you will never be listened to again. you will never be trusted again. you will never be asked to assist in any community projects again. you will always be regarded from here on with suspicion and contempt, and rightly so. you cannot do what you have done and get away with it. you coasted along for numerous years but the buck stops now. much like yourself, it seems, this is never going away. thankfully, though, it's all now out in the open, and it seems there is much yet to be revealed. 

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48 minutes ago, Funkyspectrum said:

why is he talking about his kid getting abuse on xbox live ? what a total moron ! how does that work out ? it's just another absolutely fucking pathetic angle from which to attempt to mine pity. 

how would anyone have his kids contact details on xbox live ? HOW is that possible ? it just isn't, and i think that has to be written off for the obvious bollocks that it is. once again, with no proof he just expects people to believe. surely you know by now, kieren, that you're marked as a pathological liar, therefore no-one will believe anything you say without evidence - which is, of course, the one thing you NEVER provide. 



He did say that his kid logged on with his (Kieren's) account and got the abuse, as people thought it was Kieren.


Which just suggests that maybe better parenting of small children should be observed.  The Xbox isn't a babysitter, and children who are sensitive to such content should be monitored or at a very bare minimum parental controls should be used to prevent them accessing that content or accounts.  This would be what a responsible parent would do.  However I suspect it's all complete fantasy anyway, just sympathy mining as is his way.  Get called out for being a cunt, default to trying to say how everyone else is mean to deflect from his own actions.


Similarly, if Craig's post would upset his wife, why did he show it to her? does she spend her time reading retro forums?  I suspect not, more like more sympathy mining tactics from Mr Kizzyfibs.


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6 minutes ago, Landstalker said:








the level of manipulation on display here is an absolute disgrace. seriously horrible, cynical behaviour designed to create as much distress as possible whilst simultaneously exonerating himself. classic sociopathy 101, "i wish i hadn't said anything, it's clearly upset you a lot !" - yes but you did say something, and you said it because you knew it would upset the person in question. 

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9 minutes ago, LinkoVitch said:

He did say that his kid logged on with his (Kieren's) account and got the abuse, as people thought it was Kieren.


Which just suggests that maybe better parenting of small children should be observed.


exactly. personally i would doubt he is getting any grief on xbox and if he claims he is then the problem lies with him if he is letting his kids log into his account when he knows full well what may be waiting for them. it is completely irresponsible and is no-one's fault but his own. he is (apparently) an adult and will have adult settings on his account. if his kids are online they should have children's accounts with parental controls. for someone who seems to spend a lot of their time policing others content and being offended on behalf of his children, well, pot calling the kettle black, much ?

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RE @Landstalkerpost with the screen caps.. this easily demonstrates kizzys grasp on "Evidence".. once again you can see he claims to have evidence of something, when pressed for where it is, he gives the vaguest of replies (the only way he could be more vague would be to respond with "The Internet").  Push again and he will start to try and make you feel bad for asking, as though for some reason his impeccable reputation should be evidence enough.  Keep pushing and assuming he doesn't just flat out block you, he will start replying with stories of things being edited, or after much searching as best he can, out of context clips, or unrelated clips of people talking about other things, as if in some way this proved existence of the evidence he has so far managed to produce.. but obviously exists.. he'd never lie..

Anyone thinking that Kieren has evidence of innocence... this is what you have to look forward to.. at no point will you see evidence, but you will see a lot of unrelated rubbish.

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Yup, we're ticking off the "woe is me" tropes and cliches now.


First it was hinting that Kieren was autistic, which is why he should be given a pass.  Then it turns out that there are others in the community that do have actual autistic tendancies, and quelle surprise, they don't act like narcissistic arseholes because of it!


When that didn't work, it was roll out the list of "friends" in that 15 page debacle to show all us nasty types that we were a minority opinion about Kieren.


When some of those "friends" spoke up and said "Why did you include me, don't bring me into this!", you had to find yet another tangent.


Then you claimed you had evidence "stacks" of it, people just had to look in the right places..... your reticence to actually just show the evidence and silence people as a result...... mind bogglingly bizarre!


It's almost as if it doesn't exist!


So that tactic hasn't worked, so now we do the age old trick of.....


Dragging family into the equation, not just the wife, but "think of the kids!!!!" angle, which is laughable.


My missus has absolutely zero interest in the computing thing I do, she absolutely doesn't give a toss about the Amiga or anything I do with it.  It is beyond inconceivable that she would stumble into any kind of drama unless I actually told her about it, and even then, she wouldn't care and she certainly wouldn't say "Show me, I need to see this!!!", and she sure as shit wouldn't go trawling the internet to find out herself, because she doesn't care about Amiga, computer gaming, retro gaming, or literally anything I do outside of me and her.


What does that paragraph mean?  Its means I would have to go out of my way to show her "drama" on the internet, and in Kierens case, he would be doing it knowing full well he is a liar or if his missus was switched on, she would be asking questions WHY people are being like this toward her husband?


And even if Craig said a whole heap of really nasty stuff about your wedding, WHY THE FUCK would you go and tell your missus????????


At what point do you decide that your missus needs to know this, that it will in any way improve her well being or brighten up her day, you just wouldn't do it!!!


A normal bloke would shield their missus from that kind of bollocks, but no, Kieren expects us to believe that his missus is weeping uncontrollably at the misery that other people are heaping on him.


The reality is, your missus probably hasn't got a bloody clue about what you get upto on the internet.   And we know you didn't show your missus Craigs Tweets about your wedding, because nothing Craig said was accurately described by Kieren in the first place.


Kids getting abuse on XBox Live?!?!?!?!?!?!  HOW THE ACTUAL FUCK DOES THAT HAPPEN?!?!?!?  


Grown men would need to be playing the same games as kids TODAY (Fortnite?  Overwatch?? MINECRAFT?????), AND know what Kierens kids usernames were........to troll his kids?!?!?!?!?!?!?


What kind of babbling bullshit is this?!?!  This isn't going to work Kieren, because no-one here operates like YOU, no-one here is interested in hassling your wife or your kids, they have a problem with YOU.


And no-one here needs to hassle you, because the TRUTH of what you've done is more than enough to counter you.


Unlike you, no-one here needs to make up stories or make nasty comments, they just need to report on the truth of what it is you've said and done, and thats MORE than enough to deal with you.


I do know one thing though, much as my missus has zero interest in my Amiga and other computer related activities, if I regularly showed her selective Tweets where it appeared that everyone was being a git to me, she'd be questioning why I put myself in that position time and time again and that perhaps I should walk away from that community if it was so "toxic".


Either way, your missus either doesn't care....... or most likely, doesn't know!


You are quite possibly the most stupendously inept bullshitter i've witnessed, and the internet is a big old place for a title like that.


No-one is falling for your bollocks anymore, you're done, your "career" on Youtube is done, you have nothing else relevant to say, because it'll be more lies.


Once this Covid-19 thing finishes, do yourself a favour, go find a new career elsewhere, because you don't seem to be getting the memo......


You're finished in the retro community, you're toxic, you're poison, you've reaped what you've sown, and no matter where you go on the internet, Harpendens "favourite" son, whether you announce yourself as Kieren Hawken or Laird's Lair, anyone bothering to look up either name will know the truth of you, there will be no hiding for you ever.



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1 hour ago, Galahad said:

Yup, we're ticking off the "woe is me" tropes and cliches now.


First it was ...

<Body of Truth here>


Ding Ding Ding!

WE have a WINNER!


Who on earth is thinking for one moment that Kizza would not screen capture *anything he thought he could use as leverage against someone at some point in the future and secondly not have instantly unloaded the lot to Sarah in PM with immense almost sexual satisfaction when he had that chance, well no-one is the answer to that question.


Sarah of course being new to all his devious duplicitous venomous tactics just took his word initially, as a good person, then you see how she begins to suspect the truth that the boy is lying his arse off.


We all know once something is on the net it is near impossible to

remove like indelible ink or the mythic Lady McBeth's 'spot'.


I give her credit for being savvy enough to smell his bullshit but couldn't confirm.


I too was once very naive about him. As I've said before I've met him a few times. When I first met him he seemed a bit weird but nothing dangerous, then just like Sarah/OK or Hannah/RP or others I found a deluge of past transgressions that make my stomach churn.

+ Oh yes, and while he may not have any training as a writer, he has spent the best part of 15 years learning his sickening brand of stalking.

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To be clear and totally transparent, in the full dump of the conversation just posted, the comment defending Dave Perry and comparing what Digitiser was about I’m pretty sure was me. It was posted using my own profile, reflects my genuine thoughts at the time, and was a defence to some pretty bad things said following a piss-take advert they posted as a cheap shot to increase the popularity of what they were doing. As you can see, Sarah said that it’s a fair opinion and I’ve never attempted to conceal that. I gave that post to stop the gaslighting the conversation was going down as we were still trying to complete our own work on our own show and they found it necessary to go on the offensive. To my recollection it was the only public post I made, completely justified in context and was never concealed as being thoughts of my own. It also never attacked anyone there personally as he claimed (and obviously Sarah could see when he tried to pass that off as what he said it was) and after that, I made no further comment on any other YouTube video of theirs and carried on as normal. We found out the hatred continued there by someone up until about the 4th episode - which none of the Revival team had seen or had any knowledge of after watching the first. I’ve not even looked myself but when we buried the hatchet, Sarah told me that the nasty stuff started after the first video on YouTube and came from sockpuppet accounts.

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Reluctantly posting,but an awful lot of valid points have been raised over the last few pages alone.


@Mr T:You don't need to justify your personal feelings regarding Dave Perry.


Ever since his infamous Gamesmaster TV show strop,  he's joined the ranks of many within the games community as not to everyone's taste.


Nor are the likes of AVGN, THGM, The Rev Stuart Campbell, Peter Molyneux, Jez San etc etc.


A lot of the industry and community high profile figures get under people's skin.


Nor do you need to justify any personal feelings on the early Digitiser 2000 shows, as Mr Biffo knows, it wasn't what an awful lot of us who'd loved the Teletext stuff were expecting and it took time to find it's feet.


As Mr Biffo knows,  i myself didn't feel it found it's stride until the third show,but once it clicked,  i was hooked.



As for the more serious matter, Kieren and his defence claims. 


Anyone giving him a platform via a podcast would be playing into his hands.


Now is not the time for the tail to start wagging the dog. 


Kieren has had ample opportunities and made numerous clumsy attempts to prove his innocence and his 15 page statement would of been the one credible chance he had to clear his name.


Gather everything he had and calmly use it to prove his innocence against each and every accusation laid at him by the supposed minority of us, each with our personal agendas against him.


You cannot start your defence claiming a small group of Atari community based folk with CyranoJ as the Ringleader are to blame and then claim the other parties are connected to Fusion Books and Revival,  with ChinnyVision bringing up the rear for the Amstrad Community and oh whilst your here, George Cropper is behind all the toxicity from the Spectrum community and Galahad representing the Amiga community.



All that does is prove that YOU Kieren, due to your behaviour,  cause nothing but friction and bad feelings to each and every community you come in contact with.


And you know your fucked when after stating in podcast interviews you have a near photographic memory and your known for taking screenshots of everything anyone posts as you use it to further your position if it's research and fact finding (it will of course be passed off as your findings) or to play the victim card if it exposes your lies or suits your agenda...



And then when politely asked by Sarah for proof of what you swore blind on the lives of your kids,you saw both Chris and Craig post about her, your replies are that suddenly you cannot remember word for word what was said, because there was so much of it, but it included PM'S, stuff about Dave Perry and Digitiser,  it was all on FB and it should be taken at face value as your trustworthy and you'd never lie.


Your regret you didn't screenshot it before Craig and Chris deleted, alone was a pathetic statement, but then you make it worse for yourself by saying Kim Justice took screenshots of it all.



Should be cut and dry from here on in then, Kim simply gives Sarah the screenshots and Sarah can decide for herself who is telling the truth, you or Craig and Chris. 



You've clearly never been put under examination in a court of law Kieren and believe you me, if the various legal proceedings against you by key individuals get that far, your in for the fight of your life.


I hope it does end up with a court proceeding.


You'll get your impartial platform then all right and my god you'll be asked to provide detailed examples that prove both your innocence and the accusations you've made about others conducting smear campaigns in your name and carrying out I D theft on your person.


The legal costs alone are frightening and these cases drag on an on.


Your mental health would need to be examined, your Internet activities given over for a in depth analysis,  your behaviour patterns examined and the burden of proof would lie firmly on your shoulders.


The testimonial statements given by so many on here already, from so many different communities alone is telling. 


If the courts gained access to your social media activities,  we both know what the result would be.


Your a person of no consequence to myself, dealing with Coavid 19 on a personal level has kicked you way past the long grass stage, but one side effect of self isolating, is plenty of time to read through pages on this thread.

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Wondering what constitutes a BIG portion in his little world?
His comments about being friends with the Oliver Twins somehow don't ring true when held against comments from Philip Oliver himself.

There are somewhere in the region of 65,000 words in the Oliver Twins book.
Moley wrote roughly 1,400.
That's 2.1538461538461537%.

A BIG portion indeed. ;)

The screenshots and the page design/layout were not within Moley's purview.

Ergo, the space they take up does not count in the big scheme of things.
It's the words alone that we are discussing.

Here's the actual reviews in question.
The full book if people wish to disagree and claim there was more.











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Kieren:In order to bring the closure both you and the greater community need to go forward, 2 things need to happen. 



1)Kim Justice comes forward either to say NO screen grabs of comments alledgedly made by Chris Wilkins and Craig Turner and then deleted,  were taken as you claimed to Sarah they were when asked for proof..or Kim provides them and they back up beyond any doubt, your accusations about Craig and Chris.


No nonsense about swearing on your kids lives or your attempts at a good character reference. 



You've stated Kim Justice took screenshots, yet you failed to do so.


Kim now needs to clarify if that was the case and if so, provide said screenshots or give an account of what they contained.


2.You need to present yourself in a court of law and be cross examined and surrender your social media and all online activity,  so it can be proven the various sock puppet accounts that have been used to attack both individuals and the livelihoods of individuals were not created or at any time used by you, for any purpose at any time.


Until both the above are carried out and because of your constant failure to provide credible evidence of your allegations and innocence,  you will remain a person of interest (suspicion)  to those who feel you have wronged them.



It cannot be made any clearer. 


No talk of impartial podcasts, no talk of evidence being easy to find.


No more nonsense. 


You put up,  you stand up or you simply shut up.


This thread and your little social media stunts have dragged on long enough and it's gone way past the personal opinion of mine that your still the same fanzine grade writer i first encountered on RG and RVG forums years ago.


If people want to buy poorly researched, written and proof read Compediums or Guides by you or belive your nonsense expert Atari etc claims, that's their choice, we've done our bit to warn them long ago.


The situation we find ourselves in now with you, based on the personal testimonials that people have given, means the legal route is the only way to resolve this.


The allegations made are of a nature that no other options remain open.


You've hurt good people,cost events and publishers of various media sales.


No-one should think themselves above the law,no-one should think their actions will not be held accountable. 




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3 minutes ago, LostInThePast said:

Only 30 posts to go till we hit the magical 1000, people !


On a slightly side issue, does anyone know if Kim, Octavius, Paul Rose etc are aware of this thread?

Paul Rose YES, but was reluctant to even name Kieren when he wrote the Digitiser 2000 article ( I linked to early on in this thread)



Octav1us :YES, has posted now and then.


Kim Justice :No idear, but until Kim comes forward about the alleged screen grabs, that issue is going to fester away.


29 posts to go.


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