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The review of A-Z of Atari ST Games Volume 3 book RetroLaird is trying to delete!

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3 hours ago, PixelsLtd said:

Thank you for clarifying the above, I accept the apologies and corrections, I hold no grudges. Easy mistake to make.


Now is not the time to get into my CV but yes I've done...

Thank you for your additional comments which have allowed me to be more informed than I was before. I don't think you have stepped over any line. I think the people you have defended will thank you for having done so.


3 hours ago, PixelsLtd said:

That is the last I will be saying about this though as I already feel that I am overstepping a boundary by saying all this. I am not the kind to gossip about people, especially not those who have been such good friends to me and who I wish every success. The book is excellent, by the way ;)

It is true that I am no longer on social media and have never really felt comfortable with all the negative that came with it.


You and I, Sam (not Dyer) are very much on the same page in wanting the fun to return and people to all get along.

I don't like many people but I don't actively look to be anti-social either. I am most happy talking about games going out for meals playing chess and eating cheese.


I hope Larry has indeed been tarred with the wrong brush; that he is a nice guy...


but you & anyone else should be able to appreciate the implications his actions (or lack thereof) at the time have had & the subsequent conclusions that I have and I am assuming other people have drawn from it.


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Thank you for the kind spirit of your reply. Just quickly, to add:


(to be clear to people skim reading - this is not referring to Keiren! I am defending what in my opinion appears to be a misconception about Larry, who by some seems tarred by previous association.)


Larry comes from a TV background, I come from the music industry then film. Both of us over decades. Seen many storms brew, and pass. Also very aware of the Streisand effect. Its often safer to stay silent, as far as public statements go, unless you are 100% sure of the hill you want to die on. It is very dangerous to assume that silence means acceptance, you never know what people are doing or saying behind the scenes. Thats all I'll say as its not my business to go further here.


We've seen recently with lots of people who are "cancelled" and people rush to be outraged or virtue signal, only for later evidence to come out etc that shows things weren't quite so black and white. There are no winners in these situations and it makes it harder for true victims to get their real stories out in the fallout. As I said, you mentioned the CA thing (I assume), and whilst not making a public statement, social media retweets, likes and meme posts made it very clear that he did not endorse the nastier implications of any of that stuff. I would encourage you not to read people's intentions from how they react to online controversy, or by a perceived lack of action. That can lead to unfair gossip and witch hunts and its better to concentrate on people where there is clear evidence of wrongdoing - like, perhaps, in this thread, if the current behaviour of certain social media accounts don't stop harassing and taunting people.


I respect your message and the open minded and good natured spirit of your reply, and I noticed you went back and redacted or clarified your previous messages, and I thank you for that. I'd like to respectfully bow out of this thread now unless I get dragged back in :P lol

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I'm going to take a few days out (or more), again.


I fully appreciate, I am a big voice and I charge in like a raging bull saying what I think and sometimes cock up in doing so.


I'm fuelled by my revulsion of Kieren's behaviour but I appreciate I for one am an 'acquired taste'. I drone on, I don't get to the point quickly enough, I confuse who people are.


A half dozen or so other people here bang just as loud a drum as me, from their own specific standpoints too, I think that is fair to day.

But I am fucking bored of Kieren bloody Hawken. His name makes me want to punch a wall. I wish I had never met the fucking imbecile and I didn't keep hearing about his appalling behaviour.


I love retro gaming. I love coding. I love discussing games and box art (a thread on here no-one's interested in), learning techniques and the clever ways in which people exploited systems to get the most out of them.


The wonderful art styles people employed and the huge diversity in games tech people places and teams involved.


Now that I seem to be getting back on an even keel health wise, after nearly 4 tortuous weeks, I am maybe going to get stuck in with some of my own game projects; either designing new ones afresh (the sweet smell of an a3 artist pad and all those possibilities !) or finishing up old ones and packaging them for release.


I'm sick to death of going to spell this prick's first name as normal people do only to remind myself his is the one exception that uses a second 'E'.


Do what you want here people. I've only got the same old shit to say in various degrees of worthiness. If we were talking about games I love say, I would feel more of a positive in this discussion. 


I'm bored of it all. I might start up a development thread for one of my games.


Everyone here I will say good luck with whatever it is you do or want to do. Stay safe in these uncertain times. Look after yourselves and

hopefully I'll see some of you at some of the retro events. 


I'm going to go do more of the things I enjoy and spend no time winding myself up about some arsehole I don't give a shit about. Fuck you Kieren you massive gormless potato faced cunt !


(unticks Notify me of replies. Unfollows thread)




Just a quick Coda directed at Sam (not Dyer) ^ above,

I took on board what you had to say and I take on board your additions. Yeah, Makes a lot of sense. I'm jumping out again at this point and I wish you the very best.

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8 hours ago, ∞ Vince ∞ said:

tually sent them both DMs. Nice DMs about KWH and how they should not feel bad and continue to be creative people but they both ignored them, who cares. My genuine empathy for other people just swept into the wind.

Vince I replied to all of your direct messages on here - thanking you for your kind words etc back on 5th March. 

The last one you sent me told me to stop repeating myself on the thread about my experience. I responded, telling you that I have some memory problems and that I didn’t always get a chance to check what I had already said in a 50+ page thread.

I've got the copies of the messages still in the Inbox.


Sarah rarely reads direct messages on any platform because, as you can imagine, she tends to get a huge amount of abuse via that route. We’ve also had the “you didn’t respond to my DM” abuse on prior occasions where people have threatened to kill us, themselves, delete their accounts, destroy property and threaten sexual assault, so it’s a sensitive thing where sometimes we can’t look at them for the sake of our mental health (you obviously didn’t do any of that but the ‘empathy blown in to the wind’ line is daft. You are not OWED replies).

Consider too that across social media I’ve got about 10k followers and Sarah has at least 3times that. Imagine the amount of messages that come through daily. 


I save everything because my memory is poor. All part of my other issues that I have already detailed. Hence why I have so much evidence regarding Kieren...I keep records of absolutely everything so that I can refer back and refer to things if needed...its proved useful in the long run. 


But don’t start lashing out at us Vince. Not sure why you felt the need for that. It was unkind and It’ll only make Kieren think that what he is doing is working. Take some time out to cool down and get well. 

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9 hours ago, CyranoJ said:

Yawn. Gonna stop following this thread now, you've given Kizza everything he wants.


Pages and pages about his bad books... his bad books are not the issue.  His behaviour is.


Carry on feeding the troll.  This thread is now so diluted its become irrelevant and useless to show people.


And please, stop PMng me about this.  If you think his spelling is as bad as trying to get someone to kill themselves, you need help too.

I'm going to add my support to Cyrano's comment. 


While I've got no direct connection to Kieren, I've never spoken to him, I don't think I've ever met him (though he may have been at the same retro show as me on at least one occasion), I'm angry that someone has weaseled their way to the centre of a community and a hobby that I love, and spread misinformation, poison and mistrust. 


I'm all for this thread keeping tabs on what groups he's trying to worm his way into, what lies he's telling on social media, and what damage he's still trying to cause. 


However, we've all established that as a "journalist" (if that term could really be applied) he's awful. We know he doesn't research his information, he plagiarises regularly, updates Wikipedia to suit himself, and regularly puts a pro-Atari slant on whatever he produces. We also know that the concept of proof reading and grammar checking is alien to him. Repeatedly pointing out these kind of mistakes, whilst reinforcing his failure as a writer, IS filling this thread with a significant amount of background noise. I've been following this thread since it was 3 pages long, but if I were to approach it as a new reader now, I'd miss some of the significant information due to it being hidden amongst the numerous postings about repeated grammatical errors and factual inaccuracies. 


I think that the quality of his writing should still be put under the microscope, but possibly in a different thread, as it's taking the focus away from the real cause of this one. Yes, this thread started out because of a review of his writing ability (or lack of), but it quickly became more about his behaviour and attitude, which is what's caused the real damage to the community. 

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2 hours ago, tomasparks said:

I thought I was being helpful, fine, I'll delete it




I think Landstalker's point was that this thread was archived, so he (referring to Kieren, via Moley) wouldn't be able to delete it (even if he were to get this site blocked again, or get the thread taken down). 


I think you might have scored an own goal here? 

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26 minutes ago, tomasparks said:

I took it down due to a misunderstanding with @Landstalker

I am re-uploading it now....

Here is the new location https://archive.org/details/the-review-of-a-z-of-atari-st-games-volume-3-book-retrolaird-is-trying-to-delete_202004


it may take some time for archive.org to process the files


PS: Please be careful when using non-standard english words.

Yes, I know this a UK-centric thread. But there are lots of other people from different country reading this thread

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no-standard english warning
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On 4/16/2020 at 9:34 PM, Sauron said:

It could, but it's already up on Bitchute, which also means it won't be taken down. Like I said though, it would be nice if other people mirrored the video, especially on Youtube, which is where it's going to by far draw the most views.



I'm in the USA. Here's a YouTube mirror:


On 4/17/2020 at 5:53 AM, Sauron said:

I had no idea the Bitchute video was also not viewable by those in the UK. Unfortunately, I am not at all in a position to upload the video again, as I don't have access to the original video file, and besides, I'm still in the process of traveling. Could someone non-UK-based be able to upload a mirror? Like I said, the video is essentially public domain, so feel free to rip it off YouTube and upload it again as much as you want. Having it on Dailymotion seems to be a good idea as well.


and BitChute (still being processed at time of posting this):


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added BitChute
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10 minutes ago, Sauron said:

Awesome, thank you! If anyone else wants to put up mirrors too, then go for it! 


Here's a zip with the assets I used if they're of use to anyone. I lazily and quickly ripped everything off YouTube.

  • Video
  • Video Thumbnail
  • "Alarm" avatar
  • Description texts for both YouTube and BitChute (I added the bits at the top)






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On 4/18/2020 at 12:49 AM, CyranoJ said:

Yawn. Gonna stop following this thread now, you've given Kizza everything he wants.


Pages and pages about his bad books... his bad books are not the issue.  His behaviour is.


Carry on feeding the troll.  This thread is now so diluted its become irrelevant and useless to show people.


And please, stop PMng me about this.  If you think his spelling is as bad as trying to get someone to kill themselves, you need help too.

Completely agree. Myself and a couple of others have already said the useful information should be put on a dedicated set of web pages. This thread has turned into a "Vince apologies" thread. The people who are picking the bones out of his books for mistakes might think they are being helpful but they most certainly are not. When you go down that road it looks like school playtime to outsiders like myself. 

Somebody needs to get a handle on this because about 90% of this thread is now complete rubbish, off-topic and/or childish. 


Anything productive has been diluted to water by a few people who can't seem to stop typing their unhelpful nonsense. 


This thread needs a huge purge of unhelpful posts or a dedicated site put up where the crux of this matter can be archived. I most certainly wont mind if you have to remove this post if it helps in cleaning things up. 

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