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The review of A-Z of Atari ST Games Volume 3 book RetroLaird is trying to delete!

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This week, real life cut through all the bullshit.


I don't care if people don't like what I have to say. Especially you CommodoreCEO (what a daft username). For someone who claims to be an 'educator’ pontificating about bullying is rich in irony.


People I really care for are being affected by the crisis in significant, life changing ways and everything else is put into sharp contrast.


I came to a conclusion the other week that I don't actually hate K enough to do anything, to go after him in any meaningful way.


I hate homophobia, misogyny and bullying and I thought it was really bad what happened with ROM.


He's not unique. But he's still a massive cunt.


People who share their lives on-line, be they celebrities or random whoevers are putting themselves at risk of all kinds of shit. Over exposure is a very dangerous thing.

The post Big Brother (TV show), people think being well known is a career in itself is a nonsense.


People used to be well known and respected for being good at things.

That was the only benchmark.


Also like to point out that, in contrast to my previous 'young people' comments,

the people in question are full grown women, who, have experienced a life before Twitter and Facebook. There are no Ingénues here.


Social Media giants Twitter & Facebook do nothing to curb the situation, after all, blood money always pays.


I’ll be judged on the quality of my games or other creative work.

Nothing else.




I *could write a Bot that could check and find all Plagiarism in his books.

It would take a day of my time, tops.


I *could report all the images he has used in his books that are owned by others under copyright.


I *could drop an information bomb of all the stuff I gathered when I was suffering from corona myself and looking for distractions.


I have no motivation to do so, inertia has set in.


This thread was a distraction.

It isn’t anymore.


I tried to leave Facebook for good at least 3 times. I was successful in the end.

I have tried and failed to leave this thread.


I will be successful now.


Door is closed. Just heard a podcast...
Stop quoting me you shitehouse! 


NB: Even if I don't agree with people's life choices, they are 100% in their right to do what they like, online or offline.


To paraphrase Bob Marley,


"Every person has a right to decide their own destiny and in that judgment there is, no partiality."


And that is my last thought on the matter. 


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final thoughts
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A few more gems.
A compendium of ZX Spectrum Games. Vol 1.

"As the levels progress the web designs change and more cluttered" Tempest Page 118

"in actual fact it actually has" Test Drive 2. Page 118.
While not knowing his actual date of birth, which has changed to accommodate certain fibs, I'm guessing from the Steve Davis Snooker debacle that it's somewhere around 1977/8. Which then makes me wonder about this statement:
"Accolade's Test Drive series...my earliest memory of playing a driving game that actually felt real."
So he'd driven a car at the tender age of 11?
Ignoring the fact that within two sentences he uses the word "actual" three times, I am seriously doubting his vehicular abilities at such an age.

His Tetris review, Page 119 starts six lines from the bottom of a 22 line paragraph. Top notch stuff.

Thrust, page 119 tells us that "controlling your ship is a absolute chore and just takes away from everything else that is good." Yet never thinks to recount what there is that is actually GOOD about this particular title that the ship controls detract from. Nice.

"the buildings actually seemed to actually be pointing up at you." Thunder Blade Page 120


"with the angles of them change direction" Thunder Blade Page 120.


"The defined object of the game"  Turbo Esprit Page 120. What???


"aliens get faster and come out in quicker succession." UFO Page 122


"the file I found as something wrong with it." Q-burt Page 99.


"shoot aliens and gather score." QS Defenda Page 100


"Your ship can fly at three different altitudes from being really close to the ground to up above the buildings. " That's Two. Quondam Page 102.


"the 128k rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow is just a joy to behold." Rainbow Islands Page 104
It would seem that his A level English language hasn't served him particularly well as he does struggle to understand the difference between sound and visuals or hearing and seeing. You cannot behold sound, you misguided buffoon!

"the excellent here graphics." Shadow Warriors. Page 110.
"you must sold several puzzles" Skool Daze. Page 111.
"the gravity of space" Super G-Man Page 114.
Ocean Software were desperate to cash in on the success with a sequel." Target Renegade 116. 
I think the word you were looking for was "eager".

He claims there is nothing wrong with his vocabulary, but evidence proves otherwise.

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He doesn't like bullying, so he says.
But we all know that is just one of his innumerable lies, seeing as armchair bullying is all the withered little mistake of nature is his entire reason for being.
His current target is @aravelle

He certainly has a problem with the ladies, regardless of what they do on Twitter or Youtube.
It almost makes you wonder about the stories in the community of him attempting to pick up a male gamer at one of the events.
Even then he got rejected.
So the story goes.
Seems like he repulses everyone.






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2 hours ago, blot said:

I just don't see what he is getting out of this.

He's trying to keep in the eye of the community. It doesn't matter if everyone thinks he's a liar, a crap writer, or even a complete arsehole, just so long as someone, somewhere is talking about him. 


BTW, it was noted a few weeks back that he was trying to worm his way back into some retro groups. One FB group was specifically noted. 


For this that can't be bothered to join that group, there's little to see. Half of Kieren Hawken's posts are either plugging review of books he's been involved with, or links to his own YT channel. 

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I, hand on heart, was just about to mention today that we haven't had a "Ive been hacked" claim for a wee while, and just like the moustachioed fez-wearing shopkeeper from Mr Ben, out of nowhere, as if by magic, up pops the claim.

Couldn't make it up.......

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Let’s not mince words anymore. This prick is still Kieren Hawken, he’s disabling and enabling socks faster than ever and has probably literally not left his pc in 2 months now trying to juggle this shitfest. He is now desperately craving his narcissistic supply now we’ve all moved on and so is just throwing nothing but negativity out in order to desperately get someone to pay him some attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if what’s left of his enablers aren’t ready to throw him on a fucking bonfire at this point, the sick, irredeemable psycho that he is. There’s no ifs, no buts, and no one should be using euphamisms and hiding behind online aliases anymore, on any platform. Just say “Yes this is me; this wanker is Kieren Hawken and here is the evidence he’s the nastiest piece of shit you could have the misfortune to meet.” There’s no comeback from that, however hard he tries.


His tactic now it’s all gone quiet is to go right back to business as usual and to claim hacking, posting surreal messages and inventing new schizophrenic personalities to pretend to be out of desperation, hoping there’s a person left on this planet who hasn’t put him firmly in the gutter by now. The difference now is it just sounds like sheer madness because all of the socks have nothing but his critics watching him like hawks ready to strike down any bullshit he tries to start, and quite literally no single real individual even acknowledging or reposting anything he does, apart from some seriously isolated basement dwellers and troublemakers who are themselves on the fringes of the scene for various reasons.


The eternal loser is finished, and he can’t show his face in online affairs in an honest light ever again, let alone in reality. He will continue, like a coward, to sit behind masks and hate on everybody through his sheer jealousy of their popularity, achievements and personalities and angst that he is now a literal leper, untouchable by anyone with any self respect.


Bottom line: He has lost, the scene has prevailed and this boil on the scrotum of the hobby is finished in every conceivable way. Simply post a link to this thread wherever he rears his head and move along. Don’t feed the eternal troll.

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So @Retrolaird has gone again and @64bitforthewin has changed his username for the upteenth time! Does he think it'll throw people off the scent or something? He is aware that he'll always be found using those hashtags!?

27 minutes ago, Landstalker said:


Will it be in a crappy hotel in the middle of Luton?

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