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Tube tester


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Love it and remember them at stores growing up. Besides drug stores, some grocery stores even had them in, or near, their vestibules. Wish I still had one for my audio tubes... got rid of an old Hickok a while back, but could use something for testing 12AX7's, 12AT7's, 12AU7's, 5751's, 5654's, 6GH8's, EL34's, KT88's, 5AR4's, etc. 

But yeah... if you're up for documenting the adventures and repairs of tube gear, I'd drop in from time to time and read.   :)

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That's right bitch, U-Test-M.. A videogame cab for TV repairmen. Now that's hardcore!


I was really young when these things were in supermarkets and drugstores. I never quite knew what they were for. But it was fun to watch somebody plug these "battery bulbs" in and either be happy or frustrated. They'd open up the bottom drawer and get new ones sometimes. Other times they'd sit there and scroll the chart or wiggle the stuff to make the meter move.

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