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Jaguar HSC__SEASON 12__Bonus Round!

Rick Dangerous

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16 hours ago, JagChris said:

Someone said holding the button increases pass strength. Where's this option? As far as I can see when you hit the button it throws it. Not when you release it.


I might be wrong, but it sure seems like if I tap the pass button real quick the QB tosses a lob pass. When I hold the button slightly longer, he tosses a lower harder pass.

I did not read this, just something I noticed while playing. I will take a closer look, but I it sure seems that way to me.  If my receiver is wide open, I just tap the pass button. If my receiver is covered, I try and zip it in there by holding pass button a little longer. Seems to work fairly well for me.


Also, running out of bounds does not stop the clock all the time. The only way to stop clock is to throw an incomplete pass. I usually do that by tossing a very hard pass.

One more thing for those who are not too familiar with American Football, learn what an onside kick does.


I like this game, but every time I play it I always think some more fine-tuning and it could have been so much better.

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55 at the half....was well on track for a 100 point game.  Game crashed on me in the 3rd (second time this has happened to me.)  Anyone else having the game crash on them?  Going to clean the cart and try again. 


A little tip:  Go for the onside kick when kicking off.....you will often recover it.


Update: 64, Game crashed again in the 3rd ?




2020-01-31 11_25_26.jpg

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okay i have no idea what I do , but I read your tipps


First : I dont  use the defense, cause it spend time , when you let him run .

second onside kick, thanks for the hint........ and I use player choice as a tactic, what ever that means


okay that is my last one 


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8 hours ago, JagChris said:

As soon as I press the button it just throws the ball


Yeah, but check the height of the ball to the top of the scene. If you quickly press the pass, the ball lobs downfield. If you hold the button just a tad longer, the ball flies lower(and faster?) to the receiver. 


Nice score massematte! You scored really high! For some reason I always score crappy in 3rd quarter.  Then my Wide Receiver starts dropping balls and the interceptions start in the 4th quarter.

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