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Atari cassette recorder poll


Atari cassette recorder poll  

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  1. 1. Do you own a 410, 1010, XC11, XC12 Atari cassette recorder that actually works?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Yes, but sold it
    • No, but working on repairing it

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Wondering how these devices are fairing after a many decades. Vintage cassette decks of any kind can be terribly difficult to refurbish or to restore to proper functionality. Aside from belts, the rubber rollers can become hard and not able to grip. If left in Play mode for many years, the rubber rollers can become permanently indented/out of round.  Capstan motors can seize up, bearings can go bad. The heads can become worn or out-of-alignment. Grease, if used, can become hard.  Wow and flutter (minor increase/decrease in playback speed) can become a problem for the Atari while translating the analog signals stored on cassette if any the above elements are needing attention.  

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One clarification for your poll: 


Should only people who own an Atari cassette recorder participate? Because as is, if someone doesn't own one and someone who owns one but they don't plan to repair it would vote "No". Is that what you want? If not you might add "I don't own a cassette recorder" option. Just a thought...

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