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Wait the NTSC version of Condor Attack isn't dumped? There happens to be a working NTSC one in a local game store as we speak..or there was this past weekend. But it does have a hefty price tag on it. Not sure they would allow it to be removed from stock to be lent out for dumping though.



2-18-2020 Update


The cart apparently sold a day or two before I posted that last message. I did reach out the store owner to see if they could pass along the message for the new owner to get in touch with me about this but...


nothing... which, doesn't surprise me as I'm not sure I would response to a stranger asking about the purchase of a rare game...etc..etc..



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15 hours ago, Starshipscavenger said:

Well I see that Burning Desire/Bachelorette Party PAL is listed but I can't imagine it being THAT rare as I recently bought one off Ebay, I think it should go. 

Is it the Mystique one?

If so, we would love to have scans / pictures of it for the database.


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On 5/28/2020 at 11:12 AM, Starshipscavenger said:

Shoot never mind it is the Playaround one, I messed up, my bad. But the Playaround is listed, so that one should go I think. 

Been some time since I've been here, looks like my account was removed because of that :)

Just got the Playaround/JHM in. Need to clean and test. Label slightly damaged, but can post scan if wanted?


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