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What game would you make if you were a game designer? (including old systems)

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In the absence of Stunt Car Racer Pro, which Crammond and co were on with until funding dried up, a modern re-imagining of SCR. The bloke below started to do such a thing and we've not heard anything from him since. If I had my wish, I'd be quite happy with either of these seen through to completion.



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The game idea I've worked on since I was a teenager but never finished (because it was overwhelming for one person)  was an RPG gaming system with lots of flexibility.   New games would be added like D&D modules without recoding the game engine.  It would include the design tools for making your own game.


I don't see a point in finishing it now because I don't think it's needed in todays world. 

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Factor 5 finished up a Star Wars game on Wii they admitted to a few years back that was a mix of both Rogue Squadron but also light saber battles that worked 1:1 perfect apparently.  But with Disney consuming Lucasarts, and so on, they lost years of work having it canned by those twats.  They banter about getting it out there still, or just ooops having it appear as a middle finger as some dev's do when years of work are up in smoke.  There's some serious video of it and interview about it done I think by IGN.

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On 1/27/2020 at 12:16 PM, IntelliMission said:

Imagine you are a game designer. The leader of a team with almost infinite money to make any game you want for any system you want with only these restrictions:


- It could be a game for modern systems

- It could be a new game for old systems

Modern system: That's an easy answer: Tron or Reboot open world game!!! Explore the grid OR jump into an "incoming game"!


Old system: Halo 7800! This time with random rooms and an actual point system. Hey, I gotta have high scores to shoot for people! lol


Ohhh man how I would love getting these some day!

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I'm watching the TV series The Prisoner (1967) and I think it's perfect material to create all kinds of games based on it.


It's like a combination of Truman's Show and James Bond. The main character is a guy trapped in a small island where inhabitants are called "number 6", "number 12"... They are all trapped for the same reason: a powerful organization want them to confess something, but they refuse to collaborate. The island has its own currency ("Work Units"), it's own so-called "democraticly elected counsil" and some "advanced" technology (for the 60s) like doors opening automatically, wireless phones or punched cards. There are also some cute mini-taxis that travel through the tiny roads of the islands, but walking is often a better option.


The leader of the place is called "number 2" and changes every episode. "Number 2" reports by phone to a mysterious "number 1" that is never shown on screen.


Often the main character is drugged overnight and/or tricked to believed a new resident is actually his friend, when he/she is actually working for the bad guys. One time he's even tricked into believing he has escaped with a complicated set up complete with fake boats, fake London offices with fake Big Ben chimes sounding and fake Lithuanian spies helping him.


When the residents try to escape, they can choose to run or even steal vehicles like an helicopter or a boat, but they are followed by hidden cameras, returned to the island by remote controlled helicopter controls or even chased by some weird, big, white bubbles controlled by the bad guys. When one of the bubbles gets an escaping resident, the bubble covers the person's head and leave them unconscious.


I can see sucessful games based on this:


- Your typical simple 2D platformer for Atari 2600 or Intellivision (where avoiding bubbles is key)

- More complex cinematic 2D platformer

- A text adventure

- A point & click graphical adventure (1st or 3rd person)

- A stealth game a la MGS

- A GTA style game (overhead or 3D) where you can steal vehicles and try to escape


In GTA San Andreas, I loved how you could try to escape to another zone before "legally" unblocking the bridge by swimming to the other side and then you had dozens of cops chasing you, unavoidably killing you in a few seconds. A similar mechanic could be implemented where you could try escaping and almost succeding, but where you need to take a strategic approach using objects or choosing a better time of the day to escape to get out.


Of course, one of the problems of creating an action game based on The Prisoner is that you would not be drugged as a player, and you would know in advance that the bad guys are trying to trick you. Also, how can you confess something as a player that you don't even know? In any case, the setting has potential for action and adventure gaming, even if the option of confessing via dialog trees could not be implemented due to players being unaware of the "secret information" for plot reasons.


(I honestly believe the French 1st person graphic adventures Fascination and Lost in Time are heavily inspired by this series, especially by S01E07, where the main character wakes up in an emtpy island and escapes in a wooden raft, later boarding a ship that looks suspiciously similar to the one in Lost in Time and creating a diversion in the kitchen that is suspiciously similar to a puzzle in Fascination).

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I'd make a platformer based off of bad video game design. You could pick from LJN, Beam software etc and play as one of the four logos


On the bottom right is a complaint button. It makes the level even harder. 


your objective is to beat the level. At first, its entirely levelheaded, then you start falling through solid objects, take damage for no reason etc.


If you win, you get to do it again with a stricter time limit and no continues (Like most LJN games), Bad hit detection or crappy music (Beam Software, Ocean) or mind numbingly god awful controls (Akin to Superman 64). If you win again...

you get the idea


The only people that get to play it are Game devs themselves. As a lesson in what not to do when developing a game, it fits.


Make an FPS where you get achievements constantly without even trying, make a boss that only has one moveset and no attacks


Or i can go the modern route and make a crappy Android app, sell it for $1000 on the app store and wait for the negative reviews. Then send a response email claiming I didn't make it and all complaints should be directed to (Insert hated videogame company here)'s website

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