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Modern Games Beaten in 2020


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I finished Jedi Fallen Order on XOne.  I haven't yelled at a game this much in a VERY LONG TIME.  The game was not really very much fun, but it had so much potential.  Everything about this game ended up being pretty average for me, but it constantly felt like it was going to break through to something excellent.  It never really did.  Everything about it is worse than another game in its class that I've already played this year.  Gameplay was frustrating as hell at times and laughably easy at others.  Boss battles didn't require creativity at all just trial and error until the pattern was uncovered.  The exploration and puzzles were satisfying enough, but the rewards were pointless (great another "poncho").  The story wasn't bad for a video game, but there could have been so much more to it, and I thought the best character wasn't introduced until the last 1/4 of the game.  I think I'd give it a 3/5 as a score.  I probably will play a sequel if they make one.

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