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Mallard Season

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Mallard Season is a waterfowl shooter for the Atari 2600. It is open source licensed and the source code is freely available.



Shoot all the ducks before they escape. Aim the cursor at the duck and fire. If the duck is hit, it will fall down to the ground. If you miss 3 times or take too long the duck will escape.




Note if a button is not listed, it means it is unused.



  • Up - Move cursor up
  • Down - Move cursor down
  • Left - Move cursor left
  • Right - Move cursor right
  • Fire - Fires bullet



  • Reset - Starts a new game


You can download the ROM from the downloads section


Feel free to discuss and ask questions here!

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2 minutes ago, atari2600land said:

"The page you are trying to access is not available for your account."??


Can you make it so it uses the Atari Light Gun?

1) I have no clue why you can't acess it, I have no issues. @Albert


2) I plan on adding Atari Light Gun support latter on once I get the basics going.

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On 1/31/2020 at 7:07 PM, Arenafoot said:
just attach the ROM to the post instead of using the download section.... [mention=3]Albert[/mention] is on vacation til Feb 1st and I think that section is not up and running yet

Sorry got a bit sidetracked by the Superbowl. I will try to upload the ROM to the thread tomorrow.


UPDATE: Attached rom


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