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Master System High Score Club 2020 Montezuma's Revenge


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It's been a long time since we had a new round in this HSC, let's try Montezuma's Revenge

Settings -

Level 1 - No Continues

Deadline to post scores is March 1st 2020 at 12PM EST

Final High Scores -

fakecortex 207,800
jblenkle 129,100
roadrunner 31,400

Link to manual scan -


Interesting info -

interesting thing to note is how the door opening sound is the same noise that plays when Mario dies in the NES Super Mario Bros. games



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I've been having a lot of fun returning to this game for a serious high score. I mapped out the first level, which is something I'm surprised I didn't do as a kid. My current high score is 91,450. But it kind of looks like 81,450 and I'm starting to second guess myself. I took a pic outside the treasure chamber and one afterwards at the start of level 2. I only gained 2 more lives from those points, meaning 1 for hitting 70k and one at 80k. Moderator's choice on this, and I'll try to get a shot comparing the 8 to a 9. Anyway, I had to stop there bc I was leaving for the day, but for future scores- would the high score continue into future levels or are we competing for just level 1 score? I figure it's until we get a game over, wherever that is, but for fair competition I want to make sure I have the rules right.


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I played the hell out of this on the Apple IIe! I think years later when it came out on the Master System, I thought of it as a bit outdated compared to the '89 crop of platformers. But it does have some nice graphical upgrades. Nowadays I wonder if perhaps the SMS version could be considered the definitive version of Montezuma's Revenge.

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Very happy with my new high score :) 207,800


Nothing like racking up a bunch of lives and losing a lot in a row. At least you get them often, just keeping your eyes on the next 10k. My downfall is the inventory- sometimes I collect too much and don’t have room for treasures or swords. And jumping. On tiny platforms, smh. 



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