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2020 Homebrew HSC starts March 1st


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Why I love the 7800:

I grew up playing the 2600. Then came the NES. They were both fun, but in different ways. To me, 2600 was good for 5 minute games and beating your high score. NES was good for longer games like Zelda or Metal Gear. I didn't learn about other consoles until much later.

When I discovered the 7800, it was the best of both worlds- NES quality graphics and gameplay, but with that quirky 2600 style. While my friends were doing Genesis, Gamecube, PS1 or XBox, I was the only person I knew who knew about the 7800, and it was fun discovering every game- the good, the bad, and the downright bizarre.

Unfortunately, the library is relatively small, especially compared to my 2600 and NES roots. While I loved the 7800, I wanted more. Thankfully, the homebrewers came to my rescue.


The 2020 Homebrew high score club pays tribute to those homebrewers. There will be ten rounds, lasting ten days each. I realize some of us won't have every game- feel free to use emulation if you're so inclined, and have fun with whichever rounds you play.


Top score each round gets ten points. Top scores for bonus games (every third round) will be five points. Set a high score record for one bonus point. Break a record for two bonus points. If I make a mistake somewhere, the first person to catch it gets a bonus point.


This thread is for discussion. If you have any game suggestions, please list them below.

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I find it hard to choose games for HSC I do the Harmony Games for the 2600 Homebrew games,previous years I had  people pick the games until last year the games was the ones that won the Atari Homebrew Awards I only do 4 rounds but each round runs 3 weeks with exception of the final round because I have that end at the the convention I run in July. it might be 7800 though because of  small supply of games. good luck!

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Homebrews I have: T:ME: Salvo, Beef Drop, Dungeon Stalker, Scramble, KC Munchkin.  I'd be most interested in playing those, of course, but I could probably use an excuse to buy more homebrews. :)


I'm willing to try less games/longer rounds

I kind of like this approach, personally.  My schedule is wonky so I may need a few weeks to get a chance to particpate.

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