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Atari 2600 Homebrew Completed/WIP in 2020

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1 hour ago, bhall408 said:

FYI - you need to be a member of the "Atari 2600 Homebrews and Hacks" facebook group to see the Pitkat link above...

Thanks for the heads up. It's the only link to a mention of the game at the moment. I'll replace it with a better one when I can find one.

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Added to Completed:

  • Cave Rescue (16K) by Natan Vasconcelos (ERA Games Homebrew)


UPDATE: Was already released last year, removed from list. If a physical cart/box is released then might be added to packaging/artwork category.

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On 2/2/2020 at 10:40 PM, BIGHMW said:

What about Chaotic Grill? THE best ever 2600 port of the 1983 arcade classic Burgertime, programmed by splendidnut, I already have the latest build and play it religiously on my Flashback 9 and have it on my SD card for it with over 670 titles on it, and have followed it since last year when I first saw it in February 2019 but when will it be completed so we can all enjoy its final build and some of us can even get it on cartridge.

Wow! I took a huge breath after reading this..........minimal use of commas.......awesome! :) 

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9 hours ago, high voltage said:

I found this old(ish) list?

Pretty good list, a little outdated at this point as it looks like the last update was in 2017.


I usually refer to @Arenafoot's homebrew list which constantly updated and extremely exhaustive: http://tiny.cc/Atari2600Homebrew


- James

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