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Intellivision II


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AC or DC doesn't matter, voltage doesn't matter so much but should be around 16VAC to 9VDC.  Amp supply has to be enough to deliver about 10 watt or more.  See what you have around the house.  I've heard of computer laptop power supplies, atari 5200, atari jaguar, sega genesis power supplies working.

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Yeap, although the Genesis/Jaguar supplies have the right voltage and amperage, the plug itself isn't wide enough in the center to physically fit the Intelly 2 power port. A very interesting thing to note is that I feel using a DC supply is better than the AC ones even through the console is designed to take an AC supply. I had two intelly 2 units to use for testing. On both of them, when using the actual Mattel power supply for the Intellivision 2, the transformers inside the Intelly 2 would buzz quite a bit. One did this more than the other, but they both had a very audible buzz to them. Using a 5200 or similar DC PSU in them, did NOT cause this buzzing to occur. So it would seem that using a DC supply puts less stress on the system as well. Makes you wonder why Mattel even when with an AC output supply for this model in the first place?


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