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Request: Atari Flashback 9 Boom firmware backup

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Hello, I'm looking for an Atari Flashback 9 firmware backup.
I need to replace corrupted kernel partition, but I'm unable to find it anywhere.

If you have modded your console and can access it using rkflashtool, can you please make one and post a link ?
Some people have reported bricked consoles after applying update too. Firmware backup can help them solve the problem.

I have allready contacted several people including atgames, but no one has a backup or not replied yet.

thank you for help

Meanwhile you can try my old hack of Dreadnaught Factor game for atari 800. 


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Console modding
I have to discourage you from console modding, If you want to preserve warranty or If you are not familiar with soldering.
I will describe you how my console have been done in modding tutorial.


Overview of PCB



Modding Tutorial
You will need philips screw driver, tweezers, soldering iron with very small tip, solder, Cu wire and multimeter.

1. Open your console. Use philips screw driver. There are 5 holes.
2. Prepare 2 tiny Cu wires - apply solder on them.
3. Solder wires to pads. Tweezers surely comes in handy.
4. Measure conducitivy, there have to be no short circuit between pads, gnd or vcc.



Alternatives ?

There may be alternatives, which doesn't require soldering at all, not so reliable, but may do for our purpose.

I can suggest using USB data cable from old mobile phone, which you can cut off on phone connector's end.
Use GND, D+ and D- wires (black, white, green are standard colors). Prepare tip of each wire, you can put solder coating on them so they can be inserted into holes and do not slip out easily.

You can also use scotch tape to fix wires in position. Double check conductivity with multimeter, so there is no short circuit between wires and no short circuit to pcb components.

Let me know, If you try to mod your console. I would prepare dumping tutorial for windows.

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Hello all.
I have great news.
I bought another console for 500CZK (25USD) and managed to dump nand and repair my broken one.
I can confirm joysticks are working and can play games again.
You can pm me for those partitions or be patient, I will upload them to some cloud as soon as possible.

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