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Best joystick for shooters/action games?


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Recently converted a Fight stick with Sanwa parts to work on my Sega Genesis. I know these parts are geared towards fighter with respect to the gate, throw, etc.


Is there a particular stick I could drop in that’s be better suited to shooters like Thunderforce and action games like Shinobi and Golden Axe?

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Personally I Love the Sanwa parts!   And I like to use my HORI Real Arcade Pro for PS2 through converters to make it work with Genesis/Atari, though I can't remember if that uses Sanwa parts or just something similar...Lately I've just used my Edladdin stick though.


It'll be interesting to see what others think...

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A lot will depend on available enclosure/housing mounting depth.  If you're re-purposing an existing joystick controller of some sort, previously made/sold for console x, y, or z, most of those can only accept a below C.P. depth of <1.5" or so, sometimes up to 2.25" on the bigger fight sticks.  Which basically limits you to modern candy cabinet sticks (like those from Sanwa or Seimitsu).  I personally like the Seimitsu LS-32 and LS-40 for when mounting depth is a concern. One thing to consider too, is what sort of gate/restrictor you want...2-way, 4-way, 8-way, square, diamond, clover, octagon, round...then look at sticks that have the option you want/need available.  No reason to get a stick that doesn't have an available 8-way octagon gate, if that's what you want.  

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